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The Smith Investigation Agency is a continually growing Private Investigative Agency! We not only believe in exceeding our client’s expectations but in offering quality that is unmatched. Our offices are located in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa & Sudbury with Investigators throughout Ontario.


The Smith Investigation Agency is set on Quality HD Results; all of our Private Investigators use advanced equipment to give you the most premium results possible. The Smith Investigation Agency has a Passion for the Private Investigation industry; from start to finish we work with a spirit of excellence to obtain the best results for every file and client.


Our Private Investigators are meticulously picked to be part of The Smith Investigation Agency’s team. We boldly stand on having the best Private Investigators in Toronto, Ottawa & Sudbury Ontario. We have experts from various sides of the industry; our team includes Surveillance Investigators with over 20 years experience, previous RCMP, Military, and Police Detectives. We treat each file with a professional pride that guarantee’s the best possible outcome for your investigation. Our team members meet the owner Whitney Joy Smith’s high standard in obtaining the best possible results. We work efficiently and discretely!


Not only do we believe in giving the best possible results and treating our clients right but we stand firm on our standard of “We Exceed your Expectations, not your Budget.”


Contact us today! Let us assist in your Private Investigator needs! We solve the unknown.


Meet The Owner – Whitney Joy Smith

With over ten years of experience in the private investigation industry, Whitney Joy Smith has seen it all. Having worked through over 1,700 case files, she understands what it takes to get effective results, and expects only the best from her team of qualified investigators. Whitney not only operates an award winning company but is also the recipient of the International AI- Influential Business Woman Award for the Best Woman-Owned Private Investigative Agency in East Canada and the Most Innovative Woman in Executive Protection.


Whitney got her start in the industry working as a private investigator and a consultant for many different companies. During this time, she discovered a passion for helping clients resolve problems that directly impacted their everyday lives. While working with some of Ontario’s largest companies, Whitney noticed a lack of not only integrity, and quality but the rules and regulations of the industry not being followed. Wanting to raise the bar and get concrete results for her clients, Whitney founded The Smith Investigation Agency in 2014. Since then, she has continued to make definite and positive changes, ensuring her team if always following the rules, guidelines, and laws within the industry. Her goal is to set new standards for private investigators everywhere.


With offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Barrie, Sudbury, and throughout the GTA and Northern Ontario, Whitney aims to help make quality private investigation services available for anyone and everyone. She and her team are trained to use the latest and greatest technologies. Before the private investigation industry, Whitney worked for a repossession firm in the United States and has also provided armed security for Brinks Inc. In her spare time, Whitney loves to get involved in the community and currently volunteers with local churches and ministries.


Vice President of Operations – Patricia Vercillo

Patricia Vercillo is the Vice President of Operations with The Smith Investigation Agency. She has gracefully joined the team and is in charge of the agency’s organization and strategy moving forward. Patricia will oversee Regional Managers and Private Investigators to ensure the utmost quality and results, along with administering the agency’s business vision “Start with Trust.” Patricia knows that in order to be the best in the business, it must begin with your team. From beginning to end, our team works together in a collaborated effort to present the highest quality in the handling of each case and its presentation of evidence.


Patricia is a licensed private investigator and has been in the investigative industry for over ten years. Her experience has earned her respect in the business, as she is now very knowledgeable in various investigation types. Her expertise and true enjoyment falls primarily, although is not limited to, preliminary investigations, research, report writing and special investigations. Patricia is organized and has a keen eye for detail. Her managerial style is that of fairness and respect. She is always professional, factual and genuine in her speech. Patricia is well known in the industry as extremely personable with clients and has continual positive feedback. Clients always feel warm-heartedness and true care from Patricia in discussing their cases. She stands to provide the best service to all her clients in a proficient and timely fashion.


Patricia earned a diploma as a Legal Assistant in 2009 and then a diploma in Business Management in 2011.


Patricia is driven to provide clients with not just great, but excellent service. Her inspiration stems from her need to always succeed. She is a strong woman with a voice and is motivated to show everyone her capabilities.



"Just took the PI course through them. Whitney was very helpful in giving direction to get me going. Great information. Very interesting. I definitely recommend!"
Justin Peter
Justin PeterPrivate Investigator Student

"The Smith Investigation Agency was prompt in the service they provide. Very good course at your own leisure. Thanks for a wonderful experience."

By: Cpl S. C.
Royal Military College of Canada on Apr. 05, 2016

"Completed the private investigator course here. Was able to get feedback and help 24/7. I highly recommend their services."
Shannon G. on Jul. 31, 2015Private Investigator-Student
"Extremely fast responses from the owner when needing help and a great online private investigator course at a fair price. I would recommend this company to any individual looking to become an investigator."
Tara G. on Aug. 11, 2015Private Investigator-Student
"I needed surveillance as fast as possible and after talking with Whitney in the morning I was reassured that it would be in place by the evening and it was. Everything was discussed upfront and agreed upon. No surprises. When it came time for the report it was concise, to the point and accurate. They delivered when they said they would. This is a very professional agency that is well informed and a pleasure to do business with. RW"
RON W. on Nov. 22, 2015Investigative Services Customer
"Excellent experience with the Smith Agency going through the process of getting my PI training completed. Providing excellent advice and was extremely prompt in her replies to my emails. Would highly recommend ."
Paul G. on Dec. 09, 2015Private Investigator-Student

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