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The Smith Investigation Agency Inc. is a continually expanding National Private Investigative Agency that is currently operating in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia. We strive to provide our clients with the highest level of quality services that go beyond their expectations. Our team of experienced and dedicated investigators is committed to providing professional and reliable investigative services to our clients. Our wide range of services includes background checks, surveillance, skip tracing, infidelity investigations, insurance fraud investigations, and more. We have access to the latest technology and resources to ensure that our investigations are conducted efficiently and effectively. We take pride in providing our clients with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

We have always stood on the fact that ‘We Think Different”! We strive to be innovators and find solutions to problems from a fresh perspective. Our headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario, and we also have offices in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area, as well as Ottawa, Orillia, and western Ontario, such as London. Our private investigators are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to our customers that are tailored to their individual needs. We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service, making sure that their expectations are not only met but exceeded.

We take pride in our ability to think outside the box when it comes to problem-solving, ensuring that our customers are always provided with the best possible solutions. Our commitment to excellence means that we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers and ensure that their experience is as pleasant and stress-free as possible. In British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia, we operate throughout the province but are located in major cities such as Vancouver, Abbotsford, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Halifax and Dartmouth.

The Smith Investigation Agency Inc.’s goal is not only superior results but an excellent experience for all of our client’s needs. When we perform surveillance, we utilize only the best quality equipment in order to obtain the highest quality results. Our investigative research team is always working diligently to ensure that we have access to the most up-to-date and accurate resources, databases, and information available to us in Canada. This enables us to consistently provide top-tier research services to our clients.

Our investigative agency is a full-service private investigator agency that is dedicated to providing the highest quality investigative services to their clients. We are passionate about providing a comprehensive and personalized approach to our investigations, utilizing the most advanced techniques and technology available. Our experienced and highly-trained team of private investigators Canada have the skills and resources to handle a broad range of cases, from corporate and criminal investigations to personal injury cases and background checks. We believe in creating a positive and collaborative environment with our clients to ensure that we are able to deliver the best results in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

The Smith Investigation Agency is a top-tier provider of private investigation services in Canada. We only employ the most professional and experienced private investigators and our team covers a wide range of services areas, including Vancouver, Abbotsford, Surrey, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax. We are proud to have some of the best private investigators in the country and strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of service. Our private investigators are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they meet our high standards and are capable of delivering results. We are committed to providing a discreet, efficient, and reliable service to our clients.

At our company, we are committed to delivering the absolute best results and providing our clients with exceptional service. We also hold ourselves to a high standard of providing services that exceed expectations without exceeding your budget. We strive to make sure that our clients receive the most value for their money, and we work hard to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their experience. We understand that every customer has a different budget and need, so we take the time to listen and understand each customer’s individual situation. We take pride in providing a service that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers while staying within their budget.

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