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The Smith Investigation Agency is a continually growing National Private Investigative Agency currently operating in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia! We not only believe in exceeding our client’s expectations but in offering quality that is unmatched. We have always stood on the fact that ‘We Think Different”! Our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. We also have additional offices in Mississauga and the GTA as well as Ottawa, Barrie and Northern Ontario. In Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia we operate throughout the province but are located in the major cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Halifax and Dartmouth.

The Smith Investigation Agency’s goal is not only superior results but an excellent experience for all of our client’s needs. When we perform surveillance we only use the best quality HD-4K equipment to obtain results. All of our Private Investigators use advanced equipment to provide our clients with a premium result. Even with our investigative research team, we are always working to have the best researchers, resources, databases and information available to us in order to continue offering high-quality research services throughout Canada. The Smith Investigation Agency has a passion for the Private Investigation industry. From start to finish we work with a spirit of excellence to obtain the best results for every case and client.

Our Private Investigators are meticulously picked to be part of The Smith Investigation Agency’s team. We boldly stand on having the best Private Investigators in Canada especially in our main services areas like Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax. We have experts from various sides of the industry; our team includes Surveillance Investigators with years of relevant experience. We treat each file with professional pride that guarantee’s the best possible outcome for your investigation. Our team members meet the owner Whitney Joy Smith’s high standard in obtaining the best possible results. We work efficiently and discretely and always strive for continued success on files! Not only do we believe in giving the best possible results and treating our clients right but we stand firm on our standard of “We Exceed your Expectations, not your Budget.”

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Whitney Joy Smith

Meet The Owner

With nearly fifteen years of experience in the private investigation industry, Whitney Joy Smith has seen it all. Having worked through thousands of surveillance and research case files, she understands what it takes to get effective results, and expects only the best from her team of qualified investigators. Whitney Joy not only operates an award-winning company which has won the Consumers Choice Award four years in a row for the best Investigative Agency in Toronto but is also the recipient of the International AI- Influential Business Woman Award for the Best Woman-Owned Private Investigative Agency in eastern Canada, the Most Innovative Woman in Executive Protection & has been the nominee of several of the chambers across Canada for Business Awards of Excellence.

Whitney got her start in the industry working as a private investigator and a consultant for many different companies. During this time, she discovered a passion for helping clients resolve problems that directly impacted their everyday lives. While working with a variety of different agencies in Ontario, Whitney noticed a lack of not only integrity, and quality but the rules and regulations of the industry being dismissed. Wanting to raise the bar and get concrete results for her clients, Whitney founded The Smith Investigation Agency in 2014 in her late 20’s. Since then, in her early 30’s she has expanded her business from one location in Ontario to 16 and also operates in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia with plans to continue expansion throughout Canada and Internationally. She continues to make definite and positive changes, and her goal is to set new standards for private investigators throughout Canada and Internationally.

Whitney aims to help make quality private investigation services available for anyone and everyone. She and her team are trained to use the latest and greatest technologies. Before the private investigation industry, Whitney worked with a repossession firm in the United States and had also provided armed security for Brinks Inc. In her spare time, Whitney loves to travel and has been all over the world and loves spending time with her family. She also loves to get involved in the community and currently volunteers with local churches and ministries.


Patricia Vercillo

Vice President of Operations

Patricia Vercillo is the Vice President of Operations with The Smith Investigation Agency. She gracefully joined our team February of 2018 and has since been in charge of the agency’s organization and strategy moving forward. Patricia oversees all Regional Managers and Private Investigators in all five provinces to ensure the utmost quality and results, along with administering the agency’s business vision “Start with Trust.” Patricia has set the standard for being one of the best in the business and is a strong believer that in order to do so, it must all start with your team. From beginning to end, our team works together in a collaborated effort to present the highest quality in the handling of each case and its presentation of evidence.

Patricia is a licensed private investigator and has been in the investigative industry for 13+ years. Her experience has earned her great respect as she is very knowledgeable in various investigation categories. Her expertise and true enjoyment falls primarily, although is not limited to, preliminary investigations, research, report writing and any special investigations. Patricia is organized, disciplined and has a keen eye for detail.

Her managerial style is visionary; firm but fair. She is always professional, factual and genuine in her communications with clients. Patricia is well known in the industry as extremely personable with clients and has continual positive feedback. Clients always feel warm-heartedness and true care from Patricia in discussing their cases. She stands to provide the best service to all our clients in a proficient and timely order.

Patricia earned a diploma as a Legal Assistant in 2009 and then a diploma in Business Management in 2011. She also has a background in corporate branding and marketing.

Patricia is driven to provide clients with not just great, but excellent service. Her inspiration stems from her need to always succeed. She is a strong business woman with a voice and is motivated to show other woman that they too can do it too.


Rachel Willson

Investigative Coodinator, Client Relations

Rachel Willson is honoured to be joining the Smith Investigation Agency as an Investigative Coordinator and will also be handling all client and business development relations. We are thrilled to add her to the team, as with Rachel comes a fresh and unique perspective, and many new ideas. Rachel has a reputation for being compassionate, sympathetic and hardworking, all extremely important qualities, which will only help our agency to better serve our clients with the excellence they desire.

Rachel has a deep sense of justice and a passion for helping others. While being married to a Toronto Police Officer, Rachel and her husband are both actively committed to making their city safer for their two children to live in. This commitment to safety, security and justice, is coupled with Rachel’s sense of Canadian patriotism, which has also inspired her to run in the last federal election. After a year-long nomination campaign, Rachel was successful in her bid to win nomination to become the Conservative Candidate in her riding and ran a strong federal campaign. After moving past all obstacles in accomplishing this, we are certain Rachel will move on to many more great things with our investigation agency. Prior to Rachel’s time in politics, she served as an Assistant Director for a national non-profit organization advocating for a strong defence of fundamental freedoms in Canada and helped everyday Canadians utilize these freedoms in a variety of ways.

Rachel presently serves as Vice President of the Canadian Chapter of the Philos Project, a North American initiative promoting positive engagement in the Middle East. She has traveled to Accra, Ghana, Amman, Jordan and throughout Israel and the Palestinian provinces, learning from and about those living within these regions.

Rachel graduated from York University with an Honours BA and a B.Ed. from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. With this she brings an affinity for business development and project management.

Rachel is proud to have joined a female owned and operated investigation agency, as she too now gets to change the face of this industry. She is impressed with our level of customer service and truly enjoys seeing hard work and integrity pay off. Rachel is excited to assist our clients in unveiling truths and helping them bringing closure to their situations.


Jade Hickton

Private Investigator & Client Success Specialist

We are excited to announce that Jade Hickton has joined The Smith Investigation Agency as a Private Investigator and Client Success Specialist. Jade has always been fascinated with law and crime, and has a passion for helping others and guiding them to find what they seek. Jade is organized, hard-working, a great multitasker and always strives to provide the best service she can.

Jade graduated from Georgian College with a diploma in Community and Justice Services. She cares about people and social justice is always at the forefront. Her education has given her expert knowledge and practical skills to work in diverse settings involved in the criminal justice system and with rehabilitation programs.

With a background in various customer service roles, Jade understands that there’s more to an interaction than just words, and that each client should be treated accordingly. She is well versed in prevention, intervention and rehabilitation strategies which make her the perfect addition to our team. Jade is also trained in Health and Safety and WHMIS Training.

Her experience allows her to see multiple perspectives in any situation, and therefore she can pin-point what a client really needs. Case management, security skills and professional ethics are some of the areas that Jade really excels at.

Jade aims to use her role with The Smith Investigation Agency to provide exceptional service for clients and to be a positive presence in the investigative industry.


Candice Milley

Private Investigator & Investigative Coordinator Specialist

Candice Milley has joined The Smith Investigation Agency, and is excited, dedicated and motivated to maintain not only the expectation of high-quality results but also the high quality service that you can expect from our agency; start to finish on any case.

Candice graduated from Police Foundations in 2008 and has since been a licenced investigator for 11+ years, being trained by our very own Whitney Joy Smith in the early stages of her career. She has worked across Western Canada, working in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia, which has broadened her expertise and experience in the industry. Candice has wide variety of experience conducting mobile and static surveillance, she can manage multiple caseloads and has built great client relations along the way. We are confident that our clients will be impressed with the level of service Candice will supply and the recommendations she will make based off of her years in this industry.

Candice is motivated and career driven. She’s a multitasker and has the ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines. She has proven to provide exceptional customer service with her use of skills and in particular from being solution oriented.

Candice has not only dedicated her time to the investigative industry, but also has volunteer experience with victims’ services and coached a youth soccer team. Giving back and serving the community is her M.O.


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