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Michelle Richardson

Meet the Office Coordinator

Michelle Richardson

Michelle is the Office Coordinator with The Smith Investigation Agency. She brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to the team.

When making a career move, Michelle was seeking stability and strong leadership, and that is why she joined The Smith Investigation Agency. She was impressed with the drive and determination of the team and wanted to contribute to their success.


Career Highlights

Michelle spent over 20 years in the Auto Finance industry where she played a vital role serving clients. This is where she gained valuable skills and knowledge in skip training as part of the Collections team. 

She is a true leader and spent most of her career heading the Collections and Funding departments. Michelle is seen as kind-hearted, poised and encourages those she leads to be the best version of themselves. 

Her years of experience in a corporate setting have also developed Michelle’s administrative skills and she is proficient and meticulous in all that she does. Her attention to detail and strong problem-solving results in positive interactions with clients. Michelle’s attentive and caring nature makes clients feel comfortable and confident that their needs will be met.



  • Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology 
  • She has acquired level 2 certification in Health and Safety and first aid certified.


Personal Interests

She and her husband have raised two strong and determined children who are now adults. She volunteers at Orillia Hospice and has a real passion for her 3 dogs.  


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