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4 Common Reasons for Hiring a PI

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There are many reasons why someone may hire a private investigator. Below we’ll list some of the many reasons why someone may look for the services of a private investigator. 

Background Checks for Business

Prior to setting up a contract or arrangement with another business, you want to be sure that they’re trustworthy. A private investigator can take care of this for you by locating and thoroughly examining records and paperwork to uncover any potential red flags that could spell trouble for your business partnership. With the thorough research and investigative skills of a professional, you can close major business deals with confidence.

Background Checks for Employment

It’s crucial to hire people who you can trust and not have doubts about their true credentials and background. Doctored resumes and dubious background information pose risks for your business, as well as threaten your productivity and harm your reputation. Whether you’re conducting your recruiting internationally or sifting through local candidates, a professional investigator can help make your screening process more informative and effective.

International Investments or Partnerships

Investing internationally has the potential to be very lucrative but also carries some risk, considering the wide range of different laws and customs across the world. Using the services of a professional investigator will help safeguard your investment, and give you the assurance that you are complying with the intricate laws that can vary widely across international jurisdictions.

Private investigators can vet your prospective business partners with a thorough step-by-step process: verifying the quality of their operations, assessing the authenticity of any documents, nature of any criminal history, profitability, and more. This professional vetting will both give you peace of mind and let you put your full focus on your business operations.

Background Investigations for Personal Matters 

Of course, aside from business, there are important personal reasons why you may be looking to use the services of a professional investigator. How well do you know your partner? Do you trust that he or she is who they say they are? An investigator can conduct a thorough background check in which they’ll verify your partner’s education and employment history, date of birth, criminal record, etc. Prior to making any long-term future commitments, gain some professional insight so you have all the facts you need to make the best decision.

Do You Need a Professional Investigator?

If you or your organization has questions or doubts about something important, recruit the services of a professional investigator to get your issue resolved. The Smith Investigation Agency is one of the most reputable agencies in Canada and we offer tailored business-to-business investigative services for Corporate, Legal and Insurance industries, as well as private investigations for individuals. Contact us today to discuss your situation and learn more about how we can help.