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4 Private Investigator Services That May Surprise You

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Private investigators provide a wide selection of services and investigation options that many people don’t think of. Many people see private investigators and think of a shifty gentleman creeping in the shadows, outfit with a trench coat, a fedora, and a pipe. On the contrary, the world of private investigation has come a long way, with a long list of services for private civilian clients, commercial clients, and public sector clients. Below are four routine investigations conducted by The Smith Investigation Agency that your probably wouldn’t expect.

Pre-Employment Screening Investigations

Employers routinely desire a more in-depth look at their potential hires. These days, social media sites are the first place employers will look for this information. The trouble is, that the workforce is becoming more aware of this, and will often optimize their privacy settings, at least while they are job hunting, in order to block this form of possible investigation. This is where a skilled private investigator can help you find more information on a potential employee. We can do a thorough background check and dig deeper into areas of the subject’s life that could illuminate information of interest. Pre-employment screenings can help uncover red flags in a potential hiree’s past. Pre-employment background checks help protect the safety of your company, your employees, and your customers.

WSIB and Insurance Fraud Investigations

Whether you are an insurance company or an employer that provides WSIB coverage, WSIB and insurance fraud investigations are a good practice to place into your claims process – whether you are sceptical or not. With a thorough investigation, you can ensure your company or the company you are providing coverage for is protecting themselves against wrongful claims or insurance fraud. These investigations could include surveillance, undercover investigative work, as well as research into past injuries and insurance claims, and more. WSIB investigations and insurance fraud investigations can uncover information that will help you avoid paying more than you should in an insurance settlement.

Property Search Investigations

Property searches and investigations are much more prominent than many people think. Property searches and property history searches can help provide important knowledge when assigning or locating assets of an estate, or when requiring knowledge on the history of a property; how much it was originally purchased for, who it was sold to, who was selling it, etc. Property searches are very valuable in family matters, including estate disputes.

Cyber Research

Contrary to popular belief, private investigators don’t just do surveillance and undercover physical investigations. In the digital age, private investigations have increasingly embracing the digital world, embracing the power of social media, online forums, and public navigation and surveillance devices to dig deeper in an investigation. The Smith Investigation Agency has a full cyber research department trained in the digital space, dedicated to accessing records, reports and other intelligence available in the deep depths of the web.

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