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5 Reasons for a Corporate Investigation

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Company owners in Canada are responsible for the activities that happen within their organization – even the activities they don’t witness themselves. But it can be challenging to be aware of what’s happening at all times and what concealed actions may be threatening your company. That’s where internal investigations can help. Whether it’s employee misconduct, a data breach, or financial inconsistencies, here are some common reasons for a corporate investigation and how it could help protect your business.


Employee theft can cost an organization significant revenue, but did you know that it costs Canadian businesses over $1 billion every year? Employee theft is also the reason why many businesses file for bankruptcy. If you have reason to believe that an employee, supplier or stakeholder is stealing from you, it’s important to take swift action before you experience a significant loss. Any evidence you have on hand should be collected and presented to a corporate detective who will carefully investigate your claims. Everything should be kept confidential until you have their findings and decide what next steps will be taken to recover your losses. 

Money Laundering

An internal money-laundering scheme can be incredibly damaging to a business. Owners who are concerned that illegal behaviour is occurring within their business or that companies they associate with are engaging in a money-laundering operation should have an investigation conducted. Investigators can be hired to analyze financial transactions and link them to any corrupt activities. 

Harassment and Abuse

Verbal abuse, unwanted advances, sexual assault, bullying, and physical abuse should never occur in a workplace. Unfortunately, such incidents are still common, with many cases going unreported to HR or management. However, this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be investigated and addressed if someone comes forward or witnesses something. Every company owner should be committed to tackling harassment and ending toxic culture in the workplace for the good of their employees and also their professional image. 


Discriminating against someone because of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation is prohibited in Canada. Yet, people still experience some form of discrimination in the workplace every day. Homophobia and transphobia also fall under the constitution, and each company is responsible for investigating any discrimination when it occurs. Ignoring such issues could leave you in hot water if a claim is made against your company and insufficient action is taken. It’s always better to get ahead of a situation and resolve it before it can escalate. 


Using fake numbers to cover up the movement of money from your company to another location is a crime. If you suspect that someone is skimming from the top, you need to rein it in by starting a corporate investigation.

How can your company protect itself from employee misconduct and wrongdoing? Hire a private detective to start a corporate investigation. At the Smith Investigation Agency, we can conduct the necessary work to uncover any illegal activity to safeguard your business.