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5 Reasons to Conduct Background Checks

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Being an employer is a great opportunity to provide gainful employment to eager workers. However there is a lot of trust provided to an employee by the employer. Equipment, inventory, trade secrets, and proprietary processes are all entrusted to an employee upon hire. This is all done at risk to the employer, but it is what must be done to thrive as a company. Here are five reasons why it’s important to contact an Ottawa private investigator to conduct pre-employment background checks on all new employees.

Gives Insight to the Past of your Employee

Doing a criminal records check is a great way to explore the past of a potential employee. What you choose to do with the information is up to you, however armed with the information of any potential criminal past you can make an informed decision on employment.

Raises any Red Flags for a Specific Job

At times exposing certain parts of someone’s past can determine if they are legally capable of doing a job or not. Some offences don’t allow a person to be around children for instance, and other offences make it illegal to operate a motor vehicle. Having this knowledge will allow you to hire the right type of person for your needs.

Confirms Education Listed on Resume

Not all pre-employment searches are criminal based. You should also do a search to verify education listed on a resume was fully obtained. A resume can be printed and embellished so doing some searching is the only way to ensure what is on a resume is accurate.

Provides Peace of Mind

Trusting your business to an employee is difficult, so knowing that you have thoroughly searched the employee prior to hiring can offer you peace of mind. Just as you wouldn’t place your children in a stranger’s care, you don’t want to leave your business in the hands of someone you know nothing about.

Exposes Dishonesty

As previously mentioned it is easy for someone to fabricate what they put on their resume. Anyone can put great accomplishments and impressive work history on their resume. Some people are even so good at being dishonest that it’s difficult to tell they are deceiving you simply in discussions. Doing basic background checks on new employees is a way to fact check their resume and expose any dishonesty.

Doing background checks on new employees may not be something you feel you can do on your own. If you wish to conduct thorough background checks contact The Smith Investigation Agency and have an Ottawa private investigator do the searches for you.

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