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5 Reasons Why PIs are Extra Busy During the Holidays

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Did you know that the holidays are the most popular times to hire a Private Investigator? There should be no surprise that during the holidays, there is usually a spike in theft, online scams and suspicious activity. And that’s not the only reasons PIs are called more frequently – check out these 5 reasons why PIs are extra busy during the holidays each year.

Possible Infidelity

Suspicious activity is more common during the holidays. More spouses suspect their partners of infidelity, often wondering if the “emergency business trip” is really dedicated to working, or if there might be something else going on. These uncertainties lead many people to hire PIs to trail their partners and find out what is really going on.

Business Theft

Business theft is also heightened during this time of year, which is another common reason why PIs are extra busy during the holidays. As Christmas arrives and the pressure to buy presents increases, employees are more likely to steal from their company, copy credit cards, and breach security measures. This is why many companies hire private investigators to look into data breaches, inspect security procedures, track the activity of individuals, and find vulnerable systems that could be costing the business money.

Seasonal Workers

Many retail businesses hire seasonal workers during the holidays to help with the buying frenzy. Private Investigators often receive calls to perform background checks and to confirm if the new hire is a trustworthy individual. In many cases, PIs also get calls to help businesses find the culprits when a theft has occurred and when they suspect that a shoplifting ring is in play.

Reuniting Loved Ones

The holidays are a time to spend with family. So, there’s no surprise that PIs are called more frequently to find missing family members or those whom people have lost touch with. The urge to find these individuals with the hope they will be reunited is often intensified during the seasonal celebrations when they are missed the most.

Holiday Online Scams

The number of cyber scams often increases during the holidays, as hackers become desperate for money. Many private investigators get calls to inspect prospective cybercriminals and to help seek out hackers who have stolen someone’s identity through phishing, trojans, and fake charity scams.

If you’re looking for a private investigator to help you get to the bottom of things, talk to us at the Smith Investigation Agency. We can help you solve all your holiday concerns, whether it’s to help solve a suspicion in your relationship, address security concerns in your business, or reunite with a lost loved one, we have the expertise to get you the results you need.

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