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5 Things You Should Know Before Finding Your Birth Parents

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Have you been wondering about your birth parents lately and want to try and locate them? If the curiosity is starting to bubble to the surface, it might be time to seek them out. But before you do, there are a number of things that you should know before finding your birth parents. Here are 5 scenarios to be prepared for. 

They May Be Deceased

It’s important to prepare yourself for all situations before you start your search, including the possibility that your birth parents may have already passed away. When this is the case, a private investigator might be able to locate other surviving relatives through specialized research techniques. 

They May Not Want To Be Found

In the event that your birth parents initiated a private adoption and wanted their identity to remain secret, it could indicate that they may not want to be found.  

What You Hear Might Shock You

Many people seek out their adoptive parents because they have unresolved questions. These answers can help to bring closure, but they may not bring comfort or joy. You might hear things that upset you, you may lack a connection with them, or you might even find out that they’ve held back information to protect you. In any case, it’s important to prepare yourself for all situations, both good and bad, that could occur.

Your Adoptive Parents May Be Opposed

Before finding your birth parents it’s important to consider the effect on your adoptive family too. Your desire to find your birth family may upset them, surprise them and even scare them. However, many adoptive parents have also been preparing for this day since they adopted, so don’t be afraid to talk to them, reassure them, and let them know why it’s important for you to do this – many will understand your reasons.  

They May Have Been Searching For You Too

Adoptees who trace family members are often happy once they have done it. In many cases, the birth parents are keen to meet and learn more about their kin. And some people even find out that their birth parents have been searching for them all along. They also learn that they have siblings and other family members who are eager to meet them and welcome them into their lives as well. It can be an incredible moment to experience and the beginning of an entirely new chapter for so many.

The bottom line is, different people will have different experiences when looking for their birth parents. If you’re emotionally prepared and ready to start the process, our investigators can help you find who you are looking for. Contact us at the Smith Investigation Agency to get started!

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