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5 Ways We Can Help Protect Your Children

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At Smith Investigation Agency, we offer a wide range of investigation services for our clients. But one that we hold close to our hearts as parents ourselves is the services that we offer that help protect your children. As a parent, your child’s safety is your number one priority. And we can help you get to the bottom of things when you believe something isn’t right. You can trust us at Smith Investigation Agency with these 5 ways we can help protect your children.

Conducting Surveillance

Do you think someone has been following your child? Is the nanny negligent or abusive? Could another child be bullying your kid after school? You may need surveillance to prove whether your child is safe when you are not there. A private investigator can have your back when you’re at work by using surveillance tools to find out what’s going on.

Obtaining Evidence For Custody

When a divorce turns ugly, you may need help proving that the other parent or partner is not fit to parent your child. Private investigators can talk to other family members, neighbours, work colleagues, and friends to try and obtain more evidence for the court case regarding custody.

Stopping Online Predators

If you’re worried that your child may be a victim of an online predator, you will need help to prove it. Without hard evidence, the police and prosecutors may not be able to press charges. It’s important that the right investigative resources can be used to take action. We can help discover and isolate the predator and their actions to keep your child safe along with children in the future as well.

Tracking Cellphones

With children now becoming cell phone users, it’s important to be able to track all the text, photos and apps that they are using online. And it’s the stuff your kids are trying to hide from you and delete from their phones that are the things you need to know about to keep them safe. Our Smith Investigators can utilize digital forensic tools to reveal deleted messages, search histories, and app-related information. We help recover data to ensure your kids are acting responsibly and avoiding dangerous activity.

Examine New Partners

When you have children, you always want to ensure that the new person you are dating is going to be safe to bring into your home and not a liar or predator. You can turn to a private investigator to research your new potential mate to ensure that they are who they say they are, and to alleviate all of your concerns – especially when it comes to your children.

We can help keep your kid’s safe by using the proper investigative tools and procedures to get to the bottom of things you worry most about as a parent. Contact The Smith Investigation Agency today to get started.

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