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5 Ways You Can Tell if a PI Is Skilled

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When you’re trying to decide which PI to hire, you’ll likely be faced with plenty of options. The difference between a good investigator and a bad one is whether or not they are experienced, ethical, and well trained. It’s not easy to detect just through their interview, but there are few tell-tale signs that can help you determine if they are the best person for the job. Here are five ways you can tell if a PI is skilled or not.

They are Licensed

Anyone could create an ad, call themselves a private investigator, and offer surveillance services for money. However, without proper training, it’s unlikely they will be able to complete the job, costing you money and more aggravation. That’s why we recommend only hiring licensed PIs that have intensive training, the tools and software needed, and understands all the legalities involved. Only a licensed professional will carry the reputation you can trust.

Has a Background In Court

Before hiring, you should check to see if the PI has a background in court providing testimony. If your situation ends up in the court system, you want to have an experienced PI that can help create a strong case for you, not one who will avoid appearing in court at all costs.

Knows Defense Training

In this line of work, it’s not uncommon for a PI to be confronted when following someone or taking pictures. Only skilled agents will have defence training to de-escalate problems, avoid confrontation, and ensure no one gets hurt during a conflict. Hiring a PI without protection training will put that agent and the person you are investigating at risk, which can result in a whole boatload of problems if a confrontation arises.

Works For a Company

If the PI on your list conducts business out of their home through a PO address, or from a restaurant, you’ll want to give them a pass. There’s a good chance once you pay them you’ll never be able to find them again. You should only hire a PI that works for a professional investigation services company. A PI who works out of an office is not only accountable but also held to stringent corporate policies and procedures.

Comes Fully Equipped

You want your PI to have all the advanced tools and software at their disposal. If they start to discuss renting equipment that you will need to pay for, walk away. Professional PIs will have all the latest technology and gadgets to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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