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5 Ways You Can Tell That Your Spouse Actually IS Being Faithful

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Loyalty is a trait that deserves far more appreciation and credit than it tends to get. A partner who is loyal, trusting and committed to you is a person who cares about your happiness. But any relationship or marriage comes with some bumps and hardships along the way. Infidelity, however, is something that many can’t recover from. So, how can you determine if you’ve found a loyal and committed partner? Here are a few ways you can tell that your spouse actually is being faithful to you.

They Don’t Try to Hide Things from You

Secrets are what destroy any marriage or relationship. Being open and able to communicate about everything is essential for any healthy relationship. Whether it’s financial secrets, career secrets, or trying to hide details about any outings or events that you were unaware of, it’s never a good sign. So, of course, one of the most important ways you can tell that your spouse actually is being faithful is through their level of openness. If they bumped into an ex on the street during their lunch hour and felt fine telling you about it, that’s a great sign of their commitment and honesty towards you.

You Share Passwords

These days, most of us are pretty attached to our phones. And these little devices make it very easy to connect with others, including previous relationships. Since our phones are where we do most of our communicating these days, it’s pretty common for couples to worry about what’s going on behind the screen. That’s why having an open phone policy is pretty important to maintain trust. If you and your spouse openly know each others’ passwords, are open about the conversations that you’re having, and feel comfortable using each other’s phone if you need to order some delivery, then you shouldn’t worry.

They Have Clear Boundaries with Others

Maintaining friendships outside of the relationship is normal and healthy. But since most affairs have a tendency of beginning with co-workers, it’s important to have some solid boundaries in place. So if your spouse clearly maintains those boundaries and is very open about who they’re spending time with during the day, you should feel good about that.

They Don’t Flirt with Others

There’s a big difference between being polite and courteous to others and flirting. Anyone who tells you they don’t know the difference is probably not telling the truth. If they only have eyes for you, you know you’ve found a keeper.

They Feel Appreciated

Of course, a relationship is a two-way street. And in order to keep your significant other happy and faithful, they have to feel loved, appreciated, and valued too. Otherwise, what’s to stop them from looking around and contemplating their options? Showing them recognition and appreciation for being so great goes a long way toward helping your relationship thrive.

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