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7 Warning Signs of Someone Withholding Information

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7 Warning Signs of Someone Withholding Information

Spotting the telltale signs that someone is withholding information from you is easier than you may think – it just takes some practice and a little know-how. Here, we provide seven warning signs that you can look out for when talking with someone whom you believe is withholding information.

They Only Provide Vague Details

When people are withholding information from you, they will often answer in a very vague manner. They will also answer your questions with as little detail as possible to avoid divulging any details that could implicate them.

They Refuse to Answer Questions Directly

When you’re communicating with someone, asking direct questions to which the reply is overtly unrelated, this is another stark indication that they are withholding information. Those who refuse to answer questions directly are more than likely not telling the whole truth. It’s a simple tactic that’s used to conceal information and avoid telling a falsehood that they can get called out on later.

They Provide Irrelevant Details

Additionally, when an individual provides excessive details that are irrelevant to the topic, this is a common indication that they are attempting to divert the attention from the original question. Someone who is telling the truth will provide direct details to the questions asked without talking excessively about overt, irrelevant information.

They Touch or Cover Their Mouth

Another sign to watch out for when pinpointing falsehoods or diverting answers and information is when a person begins to habitually place their hands up over their mouth to seemingly cover it. This is a relatively common subconscious reaction when someone does not want to disclose the information that you are seeking.

They Prefer Online Communication

To avoid giving away any non-verbal clues, liars will avoid face-to-face meetings and have a preference for email or online communication instead. This way, they can keep all of their facts straight, plan out their answers without being placed directly on the spot, and provide as little information as they can. It’s much harder to read someone’s reaction when they have time to think about the answers beforehand.

They Have the Perfect Story

Sometimes, when a storyline of events seems simply too good to be true or even rehearsed, it usually is. Recalling the chain of events usually isn’t such a crystal clear thought process – it will often require us to go back and fill in information that we remember along the way. So, if a person has a strict storyline they’re sticking to with details aligned in perfect chronological order; you should be wary.

They Repeat Words and Phrases

Another telltale sign that someone is trying to withhold information from you is when they repeat the same phrases over and over again. This is a common way of helping convince them while also driving home the facts they want you to believe.

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Story: Sarah’s Quest for the Truth

Sarah had always been a curious individual, eager to learn and uncover the mysteries of the world. But there was one mystery that had haunted her for as long as she could remember—the identity of her biological father. She had been adopted as an infant and had a loving family, but the desire to know her roots was a constant presence in her life.

As she grew older, Sarah’s curiosity turned into a relentless pursuit. She decided it was time to find her birth father and learn about her heritage. Armed with the little information she had, she began her quest, starting with her birth mother, who had provided minimal details about him.

Sarah’s first meeting with her birth mother was a mix of excitement and nervousness. She hoped to gather information that would lead her to her father. However, as their conversation unfolded, Sarah couldn’t shake the feeling that her birth mother was withholding something. She answered questions vaguely, avoiding specific details about her father’s identity.

Recognizing this as a potential sign, Sarah decided to consult a private investigator. She explained her situation and the odd behaviour of her birth mother during their meeting. The investigator listened carefully and assured Sarah that they would help uncover the truth.

Through diligent research, interviews with extended family members, and the analysis of available records, the private investigator started piecing together the puzzle. What they discovered was both surprising and heartwarming. Sarah’s birth mother had indeed been withholding information, not out of malice but out of fear that revealing the truth might disrupt Sarah’s life.

Sarah’s birth father, it turned out, had been a kind and caring individual who had always wanted to meet her. He had respected her birth mother’s wishes to keep their past a secret but had secretly searched for Sarah for years. He had passed away just a few months before Sarah initiated her quest.

While Sarah couldn’t meet her birth father in person, she gained valuable insights into her heritage, connecting with half-siblings and extended family members who welcomed her with open arms. The truth, though bittersweet, brought closure and a sense of belonging to Sarah’s life.

In the end, Sarah learned that recognizing the signs of someone withholding information was not just a matter of satisfying her curiosity but also a way to uncover her identity and connect with a part of her history that had long been kept from her. The private investigator played a pivotal role in this journey, helping her navigate the complexities of her search and revealing the hidden truths.

Conclusion: Unveiling the Truth

Spotting the warning signs of someone withholding information is an essential skill, especially when you’re on a quest for answers. Whether you’re searching for your roots, investigating a personal matter, or trying to uncover the truth in any situation, recognizing these signs can be the first step toward clarity.

At the Smith Investigation Agency, we understand the importance of seeking the truth and can provide the expertise and resources needed to uncover hidden information. Our team of experienced private investigators is dedicated to helping individuals like Sarah find the answers they seek.

If you suspect that someone is withholding information that is vital to your life, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can assist you in your quest for the truth and provide the closure you deserve. Contact the Smith Investigation Agency today, and let us help you unveil the hidden truths that matter most to you.

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