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Activity Checks: What is Your Spouse Doing?

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All too often we hear cases where husbands and wives, as well as significant others, deal with substance abuse from their partner or deception about their income. It’s no doubt a terrible experience to endure as a spouse, but also as a parent. Is your spouse or significant other abusing drugs or alcohol while in the presence of your children?

What can be done to determine what your spouse or significant other is doing?

Spousal Activity Checks

A spousal activity check is not like a cheating spouse investigation, also known as an adultery investigation. We understand the situation you are in, and we regularly work with families who need to determine what their spouse is doing. Does your spouse have an irregular schedule and you don’t know where the are and when you ask they become hostile? Allow our team of expert private investigators follows your spouse to determine what they do when they are not with you or at work. If they attend bars, strip clubs, casinos, known drug related areas, etc. we will document all of their activities which will give you the knowledge you need to deal with the situation.

Parental Activity Check

Have you thought about looking into a private investigator for child custody? Child custody investigations can be highly important to ensure when you are not with your kids that they are in the best care possible. Are you and your spouse divorced or separated and you share custody? If so and you believe that your spouse is abusing drugs or alcohol while with your children, we can do surveillance to determine their activities and document who they spend time with. We can observe and document whether your kids are in their care all the time or if they are dropped off with family or friends while the spouse goes out to drink or abuses drugs.

Private Investigator Spousal Support

Is your former spouse working and claiming that they do not? We can do an investigation with a specialized expert child support investigator to determine where they work and establish a pattern so your legal team can garnish their wages.
When looking for a private investigator, it is best to work with local private investigators. For instance, an investigator from Ottawa does not have as good of an understanding of the environment in Toronto. So if you live in Toronto, you would be best suited to contact a private investigator in Toronto. The Smith Investigation Agency has the best private investigators in Toronto and the most professional investigators. To ensure you are working with the right investigation companies, you can visit the MCSCS website to verify if a company is properly licensed or not. As well it’s important to view reviews from Google, Yelp, and the BBB.

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