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All About Our Mississauga Private Investigators

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The Smith Investigation Agency proudly calls Mississauga, Ontario home and has for the past five years. Offering private investigation services in Mississauga has been very rewarding for our team. We wanted to outline some further information on our agency and what we can offer to the individuals, businesses, insurance companies and lawyers in Mississauga. Firstly, we will discuss our services to businesses as well as the insurance and legal sectors. We then will discuss services we have that can assist the public. But we also want to share some informative information you may not have known about Mississauga.

History of Mississauga

According to the City of Mississauga website “The Town of Mississauga was created in 1968, and the City of Mississauga was incorporated in 1974, through the amalgamation of the Town of Mississauga and the villages of Port Credit and Streetsville, together with portions of the townships of Toronto Gore and Trafalgar.”

When you read about the businesses in Missisauga they state, “Our 91,000-strong business community is diverse and includes many Fortune 500 headquarters and leading clusters in life sciences, aerospace, automotive, financial services, and information & communications technologies.”

This is one of the reasons we decided to move our head office to Mississauga. As a National Private Investigations company, we had a wide variety of areas we could move our head office to, including major cities we operate in such as Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Halifax. However, we wanted to operate in a city that not only is thriving in many ways but one that knew the importance of hosting major brands and supporting local business. Although we operate throughout Canada we are very proud to call Mississauga home for The Smith Investigation Agency.

Insurance & Legal Investigations

Given that Mississauga has as mentioned above nearly 100,000 businesses, it is necessary for those companies to protect their brand, employees and thwart off any threats that can come at any large corporation. Having a Private Investigator in Mississauga to call on when you need to determine if an employee is deceiving your company by false WSIB claims, slip and falls, theft of time in leaving work early and arriving later, locate an individual, conduct criminal record checks, skiptrace, and corporate fraud.

We work with many insurance companies, corporations both large and small as well as lawyers in Mississauga, Toronto and throughout the GTA.

Research Services For Lawyers, Businesses & Insurance Companies

Any of the above can benefit from a locate search, skip tracing, asset searches, background checks, and more. Many times, in order to start an investigation, preliminary work is conducted to determine or find where a person is. You may also need to conduct a fully comprehensive background check which would notify of any police records, arrest records, previous fraud, open and closed court and litigation matters etc. You may also need to conduct surveillance to determine if employee fraud, insurance fraud, WSIB Ontario fraud, or corporate fraud are taking place. When our investigators conduct an investigation like this, we can determine and provide proof of illegal or inappropriate activities, so you and your organization can take action. If your organization needs a private investigator, our team can assist regardless of the need for research.

Surveillance Services For Lawyers, Businesses & Insurance Companies

Surveillance is regularly conducted in Mississauga due to the high population and urban environment. Many individuals will seek out larger populated areas to conduct fraud, whether it be insurance fraud from a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury claim. Our private investigators can conduct surveillance to determine whether the individual’s level of activity aligns with the limitations and restrictions they have claimed. In our experience, 8/10 are fraudulent or show signs of deception based on the activity matched with the given limitations and restrictions. Surveillance is necessary to ensure your business and clients are not taken advantage of by individuals who wish to gain a large settlement.

In many cases with insurance fraud, an induvial has gone through the process to report fraud with WSIB Ontario using a WSIB contact or WSIB lawyer. In some cases, you are dealing with internet fraud and others it is outright fraud of a claim. In any event, the only way to know for sure is to hire a private investigator in Mississauga to collect evidence.

How much does a Private Investigator cost?

We often receive calls where an individual may wonder what the cost of services are and, although we have a large variety of services, we always give our pricing upfront and a variety of services we offer are flat rate versus hourly. This way, you know what you are spending with no surprises. Surveillance, for instance, is the costliest investigative service. However, when you hire a private investigator you are paying for a private investigative company, which has the necessary licensing, insurance etc. to ensure you are protected during the process.

Family and Domestic Cases

Now that we have mentioned our services for businesses etc. we can detail the type of investigations we can conduct for members of the public. We know that this may be foreign to you and many do not know what to expect once they hire a private investigator. However, we want to explain as much as possible so that you feel comfortable when hiring a Private Eye. Some of the services you can expect include surveillance for infidelity and cheating spouse cases. We understand that dealing with an unfaithful partner can be extremely difficult and we went to work with you to catch a cheater. No matter if it is an emotional affair or physical affair the mistrust is broken, and you need proof of infidelity. Unfortunately, there are men and women who cheat, and our private investigator can obtain the evidence you need with surveillance to determine what to do after the affair.

We can also assist in surveillance with child custody situations, wellness checks to determine if your teen, elderly or mentally ill loved one is safe.

Additional services you can utilize from our research private investigators would be locating missing family members, locate induvial who may have stolen money or not completed a contractual agreement and you need to serve them court papers. We can even conduct a background check on a boyfriend or girlfriend to determine if they are who they claim to be, whether they were married before, had previous criminal or unsuitable behaviour, if they have assets they claim to have, and more. In today’s day and age, it is not uncommon to research the persons you spend time with the ensure there are no secrets or surprises. Safety is key!

If you need to hire a private investigator in Mississauga, contact our local team of private investigators near you. We can provide you with the answers as well as the best customer service and results of anyone in the area.

Disclaimer: often times our Private Investigators in Mississauga are referred to as “Private Detective Mississauga” we however according to the Ministry can only describe ourselves as Investigators in Mississauga or Private Eye Mississauga and not Detective Mississauga.

Call today or visit our website to schedule surveillance, locate services, background checks, asset checks, and more.

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