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Ask a PI: What are the Different Types of Infidelity?

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We’ve all heard stories, read articles or even experienced the effects of cheating first hand. Only one thing is clear: infidelity sucks. No one is immune to the heartache it brings. In some cases, infidelity forces two people to really look at their relationship and make some significant changes. In other situations, it puts an end to the relationship for good.

Regardless of the outcome, most people think that there’s only one kind of cheater. This is the kind of person who likes to hook up in a hotel room when they’re supposed to be at work. Well, we’re here to tell you that there are actually several different types of infidelity or cheating. Knowing the different types will help you to better see the signs. If you know what to look for, you can then give a private investigator the chance to catch your partner or spouse in the act.

Before we dive into the different types of infidelity, it’s important to remember that cheating means different things to different people. The best way to deal with any grey areas is to have an open and honest conversation with your partner. That way, both of you will know what is (or isn’t) acceptable behaviour.

The Different Types of Infidelity

In the example above, the one where a person will meet up with someone other than his or her spouse in a hotel room is considered physical cheating. As mentioned, however, physical cheating isn’t the only type of infidelity. There are many different types of infidelity and some of these types include,

  • Secrets on Social Media
  • Financial Cheating
  • Physical Infidelity
  • Emotional Cheating

You might have a few more to add to this list. However, we’ve provided the types of infidelity that we, as private investigators come across the most during our investigations. Again, speaking with your partner or spouse about what will make your relationship successful is key.

Secrets on Social Media

Over the past few months, social media sites like Facebook have come under fire for many different reasons. From fake news to the distribution of information, it’s pretty easy to see why so many people don’t trust these companies.

What you might not know, is that social media makes it incredibly easy for an individual to cheat. It also makes it incredibly easy to keep secrets from your spouse or partner. Take it from Divorce Lawyer, James J. Sexton. Time magazine posted an excerpt from his book that touches on just how many married individuals use Facebook as an easy way to cheat on their spouse.

When it comes to online infidelity, your spouse or partner will reveal their secret in a few ways. They might always keep or not want you to touch their phone. If you share a computer, he or she might keep everything password protected. All of these acts can actually make it a bit more difficult to catch your significant other in the act.

Hiring a private investigator is the best way to get the truth. A good private investigator will know how to work with modern technology to get a good idea of what your partner or spouse is up to online.

Financial Cheating

This type of cheating might mean your spouse or partner is cheating with another person. However, it could mean that he or she is suffering from a different type of infidelity. Financial cheating occurs when an individual hides or spends their money in secret. This could mean that your spouse is siphoning off some of your shared savings into a secret account. It could also mean that instead of saving for that romantic vacation, your partner is secretly spending the money on high-end clothes online. When it comes to cheating with another person, financial cheating might mean that your spouse is spending their money on expensive gifts. These gifts, unfortunately, aren’t for you.

In any of the situations mentioned above, the bottom line is that the individual is indeed cheating on their partner or spouse. The very act of keeping a secret that has an impact on another person makes it cheating. The worst part is, in many cases, financial infidelity not only destroys the relationship, but it also leaves the spouse or partner financially unstable.

You might discover this type of cheating on a credit card bill, bank statement or even receipt. If your partner or spouse seems to always have the latest in fashion or electronics, you might want to take inventory. Chances are, they can’t afford what they’re buying. If you can’t get access to this information, it’s a good time to think about hiring a private investigator. These highly trained individuals have access to different kinds of information. They also know exactly what to look for.

Physical Infidelity

For many people, this type of cheating tends to be the worst kind of infidelity. Physical cheating occurs when someone in a committed relationship engages in intimate acts with an individual who isn’t their partner or spouse.

In many cases, the individual goes to great lengths to arrange secret meet-ups. Examples of some of these excuses include making claims that they need to stay late for work, waking up extremely early to go to the gym, increased frequency in business travel, going out with friends more often and so on. Quite often, these excuses are what a spouse or partner pick up on. They create cause for questions and eventually the need to investigate further.

Signs of this type of cheating include,

  • Unexpected work trips
  • Change in behaviour
  • Staying late at work more often
  • Change in appearance
  • Smelling of perfume or cologne that isn’t yours

In this situation, it really is best to hire a private investigator. Emotions can run high. If you try and catch your significant other on your own, it’s a good chance someone will get hurt. Your partner or spouse will also likely catch on to your plan. You aren’t trained in surveillance techniques like a private eye. The moment your spouse figures out you know their secret, they will likely change their behaviour.

Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating is very difficult to catch. It means that your partner or spouse is becoming emotionally attached to another person. They share secrets and eventually become the first person they call when something important happens. Emotional infidelity can feel just as horrible as physical infidelity for many people. The major problem with emotional cheating is that it can eventually lead to physical cheating.

A few signs of emotional cheating can include, always talking on the phone or texting.

Need Proof of Infidelity? Hire a Private Investigator

Sometimes it’s difficult to know for sure if your significant other is unfaithful. You might find a few emails, but your spouse just has a way of making you doubt your evidence. If this sounds familiar, consider hiring a private investigator.

Private investigators in Ontario, Canada and even North America are licensed individuals who know how to catch a cheater. Using different surveillance techniques, a private investigator or private investigation agency can follow your spouse when you can’t. They will record all their findings and give you concrete proof—evidence that your spouse won’t be able to explain away.

Infidelity isn’t fun, but it’s much better to know than to keep pretending everything is okay. A good private investigator will bring you the peace of mind you need. If not, at least you will have the opportunity to move forward—with or without your unfaithful spouse or partner.

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