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Asset Searches and Family Law Cases

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An asset search is a service offered by private investigators to uncover financial or real estate assets of an individual. Asset searches are particular effective in family law, as they can help even the playing field in divorce negotiations, child support calculations, or spousal support amounts. Through an asset search, a licensed private investigator can uncover if an individual is hiding assets or committing fraud. Here’s a look at how asset search services play a role in such instances:

Divorce Settlements

When it comes to divorce settlements and legal proceedings, it is important that both spouses honestly present their individually owned assets. When it comes to dividing these assets, it must be done fairly to respect the well-being of both parties as well as any children and/or individuals under their care. If a spouse is withholding details proving the existence of hidden assets, it results in an imbalanced ruling and division of property. By entrusting fully certified investigative professionals with performing asset searches, a suspicious spouse can be guaranteed that “all cards are placed on the table,” so to speak. This ensures a fair and clean divorce without problems down the road stemming from secret assets.

Infidelity Claims

In the event of a family being fragmented by the infidelity of a spouse, the innocent party needs to obtain sufficient proof in order to pursue legal action such as a divorce or lawsuit. Asset searches can accurately uncover whether money or property is being handed off from the liable spouse to a third party, as well as if lines of credit and investments are being established without the innocent spouse’s knowledge. This can be used as evidence in a family court of law to not only support a divorce or legal action, but to also ensure that assets owned by both spouses are incorporated fairly into the final verdict.

Child Support

Child support is calculated based on the gross annual income of the payor parent. If the payor parent claims to make less than they do, or claims to be unemployed, this can greatly affect the amount of child support owed. Asset searches can reveal that the payor parent is in fact making far more than they claim, or is actually employed and making a regular income. This information, recovered in a legal fashion by a licensed private investigator, can help ensure the payee parent is provided the full amount needed to care for the child.

In conclusion, asset searches help to verify and maintain the integrity of a family law case to ensure no one party unfairly benefits from another. Whether those involved have children or not, these in-depth services are ideal for uncovering hidden sums and property that would normally detract from a fair outcome. In need of asset search services in Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton-Niagara, Barrie, Sudbury, or elsewhere in Ontario? Contact The Smith Investigation Agency today.

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