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Background Checks & Why You Need Them!

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In our current world and society, it is difficult to trust people. Fraud is growing more and more every year. You cannot afford not to know who you are spending time with, dating, hiring, living with, helping with your children etc. We have people calling us regularly looking for a background check, and the reasons vary however the biggest thing is to put their mind at ease with the person they want to do a criminal background check or regular background check on.

So, what is the difference with our background checks to a criminal record check online for instance?

Many people call looking for a police check on themselves for a job or other reason. So, the difference in an individual background check for yourself is the results. If you are searching for the best online background check and finding different background check websites, they are not giving you criminal records, public records, etc. They are merely giving a yes or no to criminal history, so you can share the information with whoever asked for it. So, for instance, if you are seeking employment and they say to get a police background check, and you do so the check will just state yes or no and not list any potential charges or pardons. Only a vulnerable sector check does that.

So, if you are searching for a background check on a person you are dating for instance or someone a family member is dating, and you want to know the information of a criminal background check, character check then you need to work with a private investigator. If you feel someone is suspicious you want to know as much as possible especially if you need to share the information with a family member, who does not know who they are spending time with. Our background investigator can do in-depth public records check, driver record, court records, criminal records, marital status check, asset check and more.

Examples of background checks:

We had a client call us and his son was playing video games online and had become addicted to the games and spent 10 hours or more per day playing the games. The parents noticed that while online he was talking to a girl from another country and eventually the online friendship was becoming more than just gaming. The girl wanted to have a relationship with the young man, and the parents would hear their son talk about this girl, and the stories just did not seem to line up to them. A few times this girl shared how she needed money for various things and the son would take money from his parents to give to this girl. The parents tried to tell their son this girl was taking advantage of him and he would not hear it. So, they knew they needed proof if they were going to get him to see clearly that he was being taken advantage of. They hired us to do a background and cyber search. The information she gave the young man had almost entirely been false or altered from the truth. We were able to supply the client with all the information they need to show their son this girl had been lying to him. We did not follow up to see what happened with this family, but they were very happy for the results and putting their minds at ease from a gut feeling they had.

Another situation where we completed a background check for a corporate client was to determine if a recent investment he had made was legitimate as things started to seem odd a few months in. The client had seen an investment opportunity online about debit machines that would go into businesses. This individual that was offering the investment basically said you purchase the machine and he would go out and sell the machine to companies, and the client would get the profit from the processing fee. The numbers seemed too good to him he couldn’t refuse. Within a few months, his machines were supposedly in a few dozen businesses, and he was generating income. Then things started to taper off, and the numbers were not adding up from the previous months and sizes of the business. So, he hired us to look into this company and do a corporate background check on the individual as well as the business. It turns out the business was new and fraudulent. This individual had opened up several “businesses” which were using the same virtual address but changing domain names for the website and “company” names. Before the client had hired us, he was asked to invest more money, and he wanted to make sure everything was what the man was saying before spending more money. Later we had sent out investigators to attend a majority of the dozens of businesses that were supposedly using these specific debit machines, and several were not even open anymore or using different machines. Thankfully this client only lost around $20,000.00, but his next investment could have been over $100,000.00, but a background check and surveillance saved him his hard-earned money.

Background check on a business:

One of our regular clients we do surveillance for had called us and wanted to do a background check on a former employee who had just departed abruptly and people he was very close with had eventually quit as well in suspicious timing. The client wanted to know if this person had recently changed jobs, industries or even opened up his own company. In fear that this individual had opened up his company and planned on stealing clients. Well, the background check did reveal that the individual had just opened up his own business and had hired the clients, former employees, to work with him. We eventually did surveillance as well and found that the former employees were regularly meeting with his clients. A mix of the background check and surveillance allowed him the evidence he needed to take legal action and sue the individual.

Background checks can be used for many reasons and can be customized to your needs. Call today for a free consultation to determine if a background check is what you need. Our Private Investigators in Halifax, Nova Scotia, can assist in all investigative needs.

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