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Bad Data and Skip Tracing – Why Debt Collectors Need Private Investigators

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Bad data is unwanted for many different reasons. It can slow people down in their day to day life, and for some, just create a ton of unwanted complications. One of the complications that bad data causes is the inability to find a missing person. In other words, bad data can make skip tracing a lot more difficult.

What is Bad Data?

In order to understand bad data, let’s first review the term: data. Data is any information recorded either on paper or online. For example, many companies have HR departments that use paper based files for their employees. They collect data like, home address, banking and signed contracts. Many companies also use software systems, or online systems to collect similar data about their employees.

Bad data is a relatively new term. It applies to recorded, paper based or online information that is incorrect, unnecessary or out of date. The problem with bad data is that if a person disappears, it makes it incredibly difficult to know where to start a search if the information is not correct.

For example, if an employee disappears suddenly, and with hundreds of thousands of dollars in company property, the investigation should start at the employee’s house. However, what happens if the employee gave the HR department incorrect information, or the HR department didn’t update the file after the employee moved to a different location?

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is the term private investigators use when searching for a missing or difficult to locate person. A private investigator will work on a skip tracing case for a variety of different reasons. Some of these reasons include,

  • Find an Adoptive Parent
  • Child Support Payments
  • Long Lost Relative
  • Debt Collection
  • Theft of Property

In the context of debt collection, a private investigator will help to find a person who owes money to someone in some way, shape or form.

Creditors and Bad Data

Creditors work with banks and other organizations. For example, let’s say that someone purchased a car. They will agree to pay a certain amount every month for the car. If that person does not meet the terms of the payment, it is within the dealership’s rights to bring that person to the attention of creditors.

This profession specialized in tracking down money owed by individuals all over the world. In most cases, a creditor can easily find an individual’s whereabouts. When working with bad data however, it often becomes impossible for a creditor to track the individual down. A creditor might have a few ideas, but typically, it is not easy for him or her to know where to look. This is why so many people, creditor’s included, turn to private investigators for help with skip tracing.

Private Investigators and Skip Tracing with Bad Data

Private investigators work through bad data all the time. It makes their jobs a little more difficult, however, these trained individuals excel in solving difficult cases.

When a private investigator reaches a dead end, they will continue to explore different avenues. This actually identifies a marked difference between a good private investigator and a poor private investigator. A good private investigator will do what it takes to find the information they need to solve the case.

For example, they will use their research skills to uncover things like, name changes or aliases, alternate properties, and more. A private investigator will also conduct interviews with employees, family, friends and even neighbors to find out anything they can about where the missing person might have relocated. In many skip trace cases; a private investigator will also use surveillance. When a private investigator thinks they’ve uncovered an individual’s whereabouts, he or she will often go the location. The private investigator will then follow the individual from a discreet distance to verify they’ve found the right missing person. Alternatively, the private investigator will also park outside the residence of the missing person.

In some skip tracing cases, multiple private investigators will work to find an individual or group of individuals. For companies that get scammed into selling a large amount of product without payment, it typically is a much bigger operation compared to a person who disappeared with the car they haven’t paid off.

Watch out for Bad Creditors

While most creditors don’t break the law, some like to think they can do whatever they want to get their point across. The thing is it’s illegal for a creditor to do things like, harass an individual by calling twenty plus times in one afternoon. If this has or is happening to you, know your rights. You can report a creditor for bad behavior, just like you can report any other company.

Good private investigators will work with a creditor who understands the importance of good work ethics. During their investigation, a good private investigator will also work within the law. This means that they will not turn to illegal means to uncover a person’s whereabouts. The reason for this is because many cases end up in court. If the information is obtained illegally, it cannot be used in court. In many situations, it can really hurt the case.

In general, a private investigator’s job is to present the facts. This is why they are so good at skip tracing. They know how to piece together the information that they have to find the missing individual. When a private investigator completes a skip trace case, a creditor will receive a report with his or her location. The private investigator can then move on to the next skip tracing case.

Skip Tracing with Bad Data – Get Peace of Mind

Overall, a private investigator is an asset to creditors looking to find an individual. A private investigator becomes a pretty important asset, especially when the creditor is working with bad data. Turning to someone who can quickly resolve a skip tracing case helps the creditor to do his or her job well, and with minimal effort.

The best part is, that the same logic applies to anyone who needs to find a missing person. If you’re searching for a missing relative, or adoptive parent, and don’t have good, up to date information on the person, you don’t need to worry! A private investigator will have the right tools to get you the information you need.

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