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Best of 2016: Background Checks

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Background checks are used for several purposes it could be from a company who wants to know who the potential person they want to hire is and if they hold the qualifications they say they do. It could be a non-profit organization who wants to ensure their volunteers meet and follow their standard or individuals from the public who want information on individuals in their lives. As catfishing as seen on the TV show Catfish has grown as much as it has, online dating can be a large scamming platform. No matter the reason for the check, this year we have seen a large increase in background checks as people in society have not been as truthful as they could be about their present or past information.

With the number of background checks, we did this year we wanted to share a few of the backgrounds that were done in 2016. (Names, dates, and information has been changed for confidentiality)

A client called looking for information on someone she was dating they had only been dating for a year, but she was madly in love yet noticed things about his life that he said that just did not add up and seemed off. He was reluctant to invite her to his home and would not share any work details. The client found out she was pregnant and before speaking with her boyfriend about it, she wanted to search for him to find further information before telling him she was pregnant. We did a background check on the male and found the majority of what he had told her throughout the year was a lie but that he was already married with three children and appeared to have a healthy relationship with his wife. The client although devastated at the news was happy to have the truth about who she was dating.

A customer called as a concerned parent that their ex-spouse was dating someone new and they were concerned with who the person was as they had heard information the person now spending time with their children was potentially dangerous and had a disturbing past. While looking into the individual, it became very clear the individual who was dating the client’s ex had been involved in inappropriate activity with a minor in his past and this naturally concerned the client who contacted authorities and organizations to protect the children from the potential predator. The client was satisfied with our services as the answers were quickly obtained, and the children are safe.

Another client had called as his sister was marrying a man from overseas and he was concerned with the intentions of the man as there was an age difference as well as other differences that just did not make the couple appear to be a real couple. We did a full background including checking internationally as the subject was not native to Canada. Our research showed the male had previously been with many women including four marriages where in every case he had taken the women’s money and departed the marriage or relationship with no notice. Thankfully this client shared the information with his sister, and she was not a victim to the scammer.

At all points we want to ensure children are safe and, families are safe from any predator as well as protect businesses from potential employees that could harm the companies brand. Although Fraud is never good, we are happy to be able to continually assist in stopping fraud throughout Ontario.

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