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Best of 2016: Cheating Spouse Investigations

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As private investigators, we often see the need for all types of investigations from our expert private detectives. Although our busiest investigations include insurance claim investigations, we often receive calls for cheating spouse cases where a husband is cheating or a wife is cheating. We understand the pain that is attached to this type of investigation and when these cases come in we deal with them in the most compassionate way as well as holding discretion and confidentiality in the highest.

Infidelity private investigators can obtain the information you need to have the answers to make important decisions in your life. Some of the cases we have dealt with this year are outlined below. (Names, locations, and information has been altered for client safety)

Mrs. Smith called as she had just found out her husband may be having an affair. She asked for surveillance to be completed for a week while our investigators were on the case we noted the husband to be cheating and also abusing substances in public places with the female. Our investigators obtained significant evidence regarding the infidelity as well as the substance abuse and the substance use was while the subject was in care of his children so not only did the client make a choice to leave her husband but she was awarded sole custody as his behaviour was dangerous while in the presence of the children.

Mr. Allen had inquired as he got a suspicious email from a social media account with information that someone had regarding his wife having an affair. He had absolutely no idea of any infidelity and was confused by the message he read. As he was not sure if the contact was being truthful or not he hired us to determine what his wife was doing. After several days we noted the female attending a private residence with an unknown male, and after further research, it was a home that was rented by the subject and the unknown male. They had been living and spending time in the residence while the client would travel for work. The client was devastated as he was unaware of any infidelity or even different behaviour from his spouse.

Mr. Sneed had heard about us from our private investigator billboards throughout Ontario. He lived in an urban area and had been searching for a private investigator in Toronto. Thanks to his friend seeing our billboards, we were able to provide him with surveillance. As he lived in the downtown Toronto area surveillance was much more difficult and we had multiple experienced private investigators set up in the area to determine when his wife would leave and what her activities would be when she did leave. The first two days we did not see anything out of sorts and on the third day the subject was seen walking her dog in a dog park near Harbourfront in Toronto. While walking another male accompanied the subject and briefly they just looked as though they were just speaking about their dogs until we saw the subject kissing the male and entering a different apartment building with him. She was in the building for nearly 30 minutes before exiting with the male and kissing goodbye as she walked back to her condo.

Mrs. Miles was traveling for one year for a project overseas and noticed a change in her husband’s behavior. He became distant, and she saw emails coming through from online pornography companies with videos that were purchased from their credit card. She believed her husband was most certainly watching porn but was not sure what he was doing after work and with his free time. Our investigators followed the subject for several days and noted he was spending time with escorts. Mrs. Miles was naturally hurt from the outcome of her husband’s activities but happy that we were able to obtain the answers she needed.

If you are experiencing any changes in your spouse’s behavior and want to determine if they are spending time with someone else, our investigators can assist as we have offices throughout Ontario. In cities such as Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough, Aurora-Newmarket, Barrie, North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, Thunder Bay, and Ottawa with investigators in various cities as well to assist in all of your investigative needs. (We are not private detectives we are private investigators)

Although we never like to share bad news with a client, we are happy to find results that give peace of mind to a client and answer questions that drive them crazy. What is peace of mind worth to you? If you need assistance in surveillance on your spouse or significant other please contact us 24/7 for a free consultation.

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