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Best of 2016: Investigative Services

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We believe in positive experiences shows customers who we are and we love to share our experiences and growths. 2016 has been an excellent year for The Smith Investigation Agency, and we would like to tell you why and how excited we are to the success we shared.


When The Smith Investigation Agency first started, it was in a single office in Mississauga, and we slowly grew to have offices in Ottawa and Sudbury! Our clients were so happy with the results we obtained they required our expansion so we could cover services throughout the province for them. We are blessed to say that in 2016 we were able to expand to even more cities throughout Ontario including Toronto, Scarborough, Brampton, Barrie, North Bay, Timmins, Thunder Bay and Newmarket- Aurora. We were thrilled with the ability to be now the largest and best investigation agency in Ontario with hundreds of investigators working throughout the province regularly assisting in surveillance, labor dispute management, and research services to the public as well as some of Canada’s largest corporations and business as well as insurance companies.


We have a series of billboards along major highways and towns throughout the province. Our most recent private investigator billboards were in Muskoka and Barrie, Ontario and the next two billboards will be in Ottawa and Sudbury. We love expanding and offering services to all customers and not only the ones of our choosing; at the end of the day all clients need assistance and should have a company who caters to those needs.

AIR MILES® Reward Miles

This is probably my personal favourite as I (Whitney Joy Smith) have been an Air Miles collector since I was a child. Offering Air Miles to clients for me is great as clients now receive something additional after completion of their case. Customers who work with us regularly love this option as they now can travel more as they get Air Miles Flights and Air Miles Travel and all they have to do is give us their Air Miles card after completion of the case so they can receive their Air Miles rewards from the Air Miles store.

We also believe in healthy portions, so we give a lot of Air Miles for clients after services. Check out how many Air Miles we issue:

Get 25 AIR MILES® Reward Miles for the Private Investigator Training Course

Get 50 AIR MILES® Reward Miles for Investigative Research Services

Get 50-100 AIR MILES® Reward Miles for Surveillance

(Pretty good eh)

Insurance Companies

I am also very excited in this as we have expanded our network and now work with several major insurance companies completing their cases, which may involve fraud. We are very excited by this opportunity and humbled with the success that has come from this possibility.

Private Investigator Training Rating

In 2015 we were named the “Best Online Private Investigator Training Company,” and we are even happier that in 2016 we received the same title again. We have also been rated #1 by two different boards one within our industry and another for online training. We love having positive reviews and titles behind us, but we are also glad to be Ontario’s largest online private investigator training agency.

Naturally, there are additional things that happened in 2016, but this is just to name a few of the things we were glad for. We are more than excited for 2017 to see what’s in store for The Smith Investigation Agency. Thank you to all of our amazing customers we wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Cheers!

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