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Best of 2016: Skip Tracing & Investigative Services

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Although investigative work ranges in the type of cases that come in and the number of cases that come in, in 2016 we were more than happy with the outcome of clients and customers we were able to assist in locating long lost family members, locating individuals who had defrauded the clients, and many other reasons. Skiptrace services are not known as much in public and, most investigative agencies tend to only offer these services to regular clients being insurance, corporate, or legal companies. Although we offer skip tracing services to those as well, we do not want to forget about the members of the public who deserve answers just like anyone else.

We would like to tell you a few stories of individuals we assisted in locating people this year to give you an idea of the type of work we complete on a regular basis.

(note names, dates, and locations have been altered for client safety and confidentiality)

Michele H. Wrote:

“I recently checked out several investigators and chose Smith Investigation Agency because their price was fair for the short term private investigation I  needed to be done.  The job was completed on time and was very thorough, as a bonus – I got Airmiles!  Recommend Smith to anyone looking for affordable private investigators.”

Brent F. Wrote:

“Excellent customer service with quick email replies. I got what I asked for, and the price was fair. Great company to work with.”

Noah V. Wrote:

“Great company. I was very satisfied with their services and prompt replies. The reporting was first rate. Will continue to use The Smith Investigation Agency.”

Smith & Nelson Wrote:

“Smith Investigation Agency helped me locate my dad that I haven’t been in contact with in over 20’s years. I truly appreciate the service they provided. Thank you so very much!!”

There are hundreds of people we assist in all types of services throughout the year, and some prefer privacy and therefore do not leave reviews like the above mentioned. But they still tell us how great we did and here are some of there stories.

Mr. Smith decided had been paying a very large amount of child support per month to his estranged ex-wife. He was given information about his child no longer living at the residence with the mother and yet he was still required to pay for the child support. He asked us to complete a locate (skip trace) on his child and we were able to find a new address for the daughter. Once he gave the information to his lawyers he was released from paying further money to the ex wife.

Mr. Jones had paid a contractor nearly $25,000.00 to complete renovation work on his home in Toronto. Once the contractor had completed half of the work, the client issued the remaining money to the contractor and then the contractor disappeared with the money. Luckily the client had just enough information for us to track the individual down and the client was able to get all of his money back and still pursue legal action against the individual.

Mrs. Smith purchased a residence from a family, and the previous owners did not disclose that there were issues within the residence the new owners needed to locate the previous owners to pursue legal action. We completed a property search and located and located the previous owners who paid for the repairs needed.

Mr. Rich had not seen his mother in several years from a small family dispute that put distance between them. We were able to locate the family member and facilitate a meeting with both parties which were very happy to have a new relationship develop after years.

Helping clients locate family members or locate contractors or well, locating anyone is a great feeling when you can organize families getting together or assisting in skip searches for legal reasons.

We are very happy with the continued growth and success we have had in our skip tracing and investigative research department, and we are excited for 2017 and the continued help we can give then.

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