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Best of 2016: W.S.I.B Investigations & Fraud

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As investigators, we often work a majority of fraudulent cases including insurance claim investigations and workplace incidents such as W.S.I.B. investigations. These types of cases are continually growing. We work closely with some of Canada and Ontario’s largest corporations to protect their business from the fraudulent activity. Some of the cases we worked on in 2016 were interesting, and we thought we would share some of our experiences. (Names, dates, locations and other information has been altered for confidentiality)

Corporation A is a regular client we work with, and they had an employee claim to have fallen from a ladder at work. The employee though weeks before had shared with someone at work that he had fallen off a ladder at his residence while cleaning his gutters and said he was going to get some time off by altering his story. The client called us right away, and we began to follow the employee for a few weeks to determine his level of activity and limitations. The subject claimed he could not sit or stand for more than 15 minutes and that he could not use his shoulders even to feed himself as his injuries was that bad. While following the subject, he was driving and sitting for extended periods of time; he was attending the gym for more than an hour every day mostly working on his upper body, and his movements were fluid and unrestricted in every way. When the client had mediation with the subject before he was aware of surveillance, he sat in the meeting and started to cry as he claimed the pain was so bad sitting that he needed to lie down on the ground in the conference room. He continued to cry while lying on the ground until the client played the footage that was obtained by our private investigators in Ontario and the subject quickly sat up and paid attention to the amount of footage that was taken of him and his activities. His claim did not continue.

Corporation B had an employee who was continually calling in sick even though he sounded fine on the phone and did not produce notes from a doctor outlining his illness. We followed the subject in the summer time and noted he would attend parks, church parking lots, and strange places that had large congregations of people mostly youth. We were unsure of his activities at first until it became aware he was spending time playing the Pokémon Go game and was attending certain places, as the game required it for continued success in the game.

Corporation C is a manufacturing company we work closes with to assist in all of there investigating needs including pre-employment screening, background checks, and surveillance. They had called as they believed one of their employees (forklift operator) was drinking on the job. They would smell alcohol on his breath, yet he was not in possession of any containers for liquor. We began surveillance on the individual and noted that he would leave work during his lunch period and attend a local bar and drink several beers as well as take shots of alcohol before returning to work. The client was very happy to have this information as the subject could have hurt someone while driving his own vehicle but also hurt someone inside of the facility while operating his forklift.

Corporation D had an employee who would leave the office every day in his work vehicle sometimes several times throughout the day, but his invoices did not match the time and parts he was expensing for. Our investigators followed the individual who was servicing other businesses with the client’s vehicle, parts, and tools while pocketing the cash. This client estimated they lost somewhere near $150,000.00 a year from this employee stealing from them in the way he did. They were very happy to have the evidence they needed to pursue legal action.

Not all employees have slip and fall situations fraud comes in various sizes and shapes, and we are continually exceeding client expectations in obtaining quality evidence to not only stop losses but to protect their brand. Thankfully we were able to complete a large amount of these types of files for clients, and we are prepared for an even busier 2017 as fraud is continually growing, and with our company recently expanding to all large cities through Ontario we can now assist on an even greater scale.

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