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Brazen Barrie Robberies: The Importance of Surveillance

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In Barrie, Ontario, surveillance is a technique both police officers and private investigators use to observe a suspect or individual. The purpose of surveillance is typically to prove whether or not an individual is guilty of a particular crime. For example, if someone suspects his or her partner is cheating, a private investigator will put together a surveillance plan to try and catch the individual in the act.

Surveillance, however, goes much deeper than cheating spouse cases.

Why Set Up or Use Surveillance in the First Place?

In Barrie, and many other areas in Ontario like Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga, many companies and organizations use surveillance equipment. With modern advances in home security systems, the general public is starting to use surveillance equipment as well.


Why? Well, it’s impossible to guess whether or not a criminal will break into your home. It’s also impossible to predict if your business will get robbed. With surveillance, you at least have a chance of getting your property or product back. Surveillance systems allow private investigators to see what the suspect(s) look like, how they walk, talk, and more. This information can also be used in court as evidence. Without surveillance, it becomes a lot harder to know who did the crime. While witness statements help, they aren’t always accurate. They also might not hold up in court.


In Barrie, Ontario alone, several news outlets have reported robberies in the area. These businesses set up video surveillance, which gives police the advantage. Check these examples out below:

A Barrie Bank Robbery

According to CTV News Barrie, at a little after 2:30 PM, on Thursday, March 8th, two men entered a local bank. Screenshots from the bank’s surveillance video show that both men wore hoods and masks to cover their faces. They managed to escape with some cash in a vehicle believed to be a four-door sedan in either white or silver.


The police have currently turned the case over to forensics. Forensics will comb over the bank location for evidence. They will also inquire at local stores and businesses to try and find additional video surveillance.

Four Armed Robberies

On the 5th of March, Global News reported a man had been arrested in Barrie. The Barrie police held this man on suspicion of armed robbery in four locations over two days. Fortunately, no members of the public were harmed during the attempted robberies. Video surveillance from all four locations will help to prove the arrested individual attempted to rob each business.

Surveillance Techniques

While robberies of this brazen nature are few and far between (especially in Barrie), they do happen. What’s important is that the team or individual handling the case is experienced in multiple surveillance investigation techniques.


In Barrie, a good private investigator, or private investigation team, will know many different ways to conduct surveillance. A licensed private investigator will review the details of the case and put together the right plan. Quite often, the plan will include or require a private investigator to use one or several different techniques. Some of these techniques include,

Video Surveillance

As mentioned in the above Barrie bank robbery, the police have video surveillance of the suspects from the bank. Banks aren’t the only organization that install and use video surveillance. In fact, many large companies install video cameras in warehouses and even office buildings. The purpose is to record everyone and anyone who enters or exits the location. If product or equipment goes missing, the video surveillance tape will help to identify the suspect.


When it comes to private investigation, video surveillance is used in many different ways. A private investigator in Barrie, for example, might get hired by a company to review months of tape to try and pinpoint the moment of an ongoing theft. Alternatively, a company might hire a private investigator to help them set up their surveillance system. A private investigator will know the best locations to install the cameras, as well as the latest and greatest in surveillance technology.


Ever hear the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, the same can be said for photographs gathered during a surveillance case. When a private investigator follows an individual, he or she will take along a camera. During their surveillance, he or she will take pictures of the individual.


Here’s an example. Let’s say that the individual is stealing laptops from their employer. A private investigator might track the individual to the warehouse. As the individual loads the laptops into his or her van, the private investigator will take pictures of the event from a discreet distance. In some situations, the private investigator might find the individual is working with a team. The team might include other employees, family members and even friends. The point is the private investigator will capture the evidence, which will help to prove the individual is guilty.

Interviews, Background Checks and Locates

Sometimes a surveillance case like the ones in Barrie, require a private investigator to do a bit of digging. The captured video might not show the suspect’s face. Even if the police bring in sniffing dogs, it’s sometimes difficult to pick up the suspect’s scent. This is why interviews are also an important element to a private investigation surveillance case.


A private investigator in Barrie will hit the pavement. This means they will speak with employees, neighbours, or anyone that might have more information. Based on the information a private investigator uncovers, he or she might need to do some additional research. This can include background checks.


A background check can help a private investigator to learn more about an individual. For example, let’s say that three of the people interviewed identify a particular person as the thief. Running a background check on that person will reveal where that person lives, where they work, and even if they have a criminal record. Once the private investigator has that information, they will use it to locate the individual. At this point, the private investigator will likely observe the individual to try and find even more evidence.


Private investigators in Barrie will also observe an individual. They will pick a location close to his or her house, or even place of work. Typically, a private investigator will use a non-descript vehicle to sit in and wait. While Hollywood makes this seem exciting and dangerous, in reality, a private investigator must spend a lot of time waiting for the suspect to do something.


Once a suspect is on the move, a private investigator must follow him or her. The reason for this is because the suspect might revisit the scene of the crime. The suspect might also walk into a car dealership to buy a car—and try to pay in cash. A private investigator will observe and record everything that the suspect does throughout the day.

How Can a Private Investigator Help?

Brazen robberies happen outside of banks and organizations too. Sometimes even the police reach a dead end. In these situations, hiring a private investigator can help. Using their surveillance skills and equipment, a private investigator can crack difficult to solve crimes. He or she can even locate the suspect and find the evidence you need to get your stolen property back.


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