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Building a Case: Why Lawyers Work With Private Investigators

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You might not know this, but private investigators do so much more than catch cheating spouses. In fact, a good private investigator will offer many different types of services in addition to surveillance. One of the services that a good private investigator will offer is, research. Since research itself is a valuable skill, people like lawyers will often turn to private investigators for help. A private investigator can help a lawyer with a large part of the legwork he or she needs to build a successful case.

. . . But What Does That Mean?

Let’s say that a lawyer is working with a client who wants full custody of his or her children. The client is adamant that their ex-spouse is an alcoholic and isn’t fit to be in the same room as the children. The client might have some evidence however; the lawyer will need to build the case in order to win in court.

The thing is, the lawyer doesn’t have time to get the information he or she needs to build the case. Not only that, but the lawyer doesn’t have the right skills to get the information. He or she is exceptional at putting the information together to help their client win, but doesn’t know how to conduct surveillance. It could also be that the lawyer just doesn’t have time to do all of the legwork. They need to concentrate their efforts on their client in addition to the other cases they’re working on.

Research Services: Hire a Private Investigator

In any situation where a lawyer requires research, he or she will often hire a private investigator for help. Many private investigators, like the ones we hire here at the Smith Investigation Agency, have the research skills a lawyer needs. These investigators have also worked with lawyers before and understand exactly what they need to look for to get a lawyer the information they need to build a case.

Some of the types of research a lawyer will request from a private investigator include,

Fraud Research

The benefit to hiring a private investigator is that they have access to databases that provide lawyers with valuable information.

Lawyers often take on cases with insurance companies as well as other types of companies. The largest problem these types of companies face is fraud. What this means is that an individual is taking advantage of the system, whether they are lying about a workplace injury, whether or not they received a paycheck and more.

When a lawyer hires a private investigator, that private investigator can search for information on an individual. They have special access to systems and databases that reveal a lot of information about things like, details of previous insurance claims, start and end dates for coverage, and more.

When a private investigator digs up this type of information for a lawyer, it truly reduces the amount of work the lawyer needs to put into the case. When presented properly, the lawyer can easily begin to form their strategy and approach.

Financial Research

Financial research is important because it is one of the ways a lawyer can form a strategy for their client. If a private investigator discovers that the financial information of the opposition just doesn’t quite make sense, a lawyer can use it to their advantage. At the same time, if the private investigator uncovers financial statements that belong to the lawyer’s client that don’t make sense, they lawyer will need to figure out how to best build the case from a different angle.

Competition Research

In some situations, a lawyer will hire a private investigator to dig into some research on the competition. When a lawyer goes to court, he or she will typically face the opposition. The goal is to beat the opposition. If a private investigator can supply evidence that a lawyer can use in court against the opposition to win, it’s in the lawyer’s best interest to do so. Even if the private investigator uncovers information that doesn’t 100% apply, a lawyer can use the research to develop a strategy.

Research on the competition or opposition can include information like, financial details, background information, any previous legal issues, and more.

Data & File Research

This type of research is a tricky one. When it comes to computers, data and the types of files a lawyer can use in court, it is easy to break the law. For example for most provinces in Canada (and elsewhere in North America and the world) it is illegal to hack into an individual’s email. Therefore, any private investigator that a lawyer hires must know and understand the law. Any information gathered digitally must be usable in court. Otherwise, the information is useless and could even get the lawyer and the private investigator in a lot of legal trouble.

The truth is, digital data and information is becoming one of the largest resources for information. Any private investigator that can utilize this information in a way that supports a lawyer is an absolute asset to any case.  

Watch Out!

Even lawyers need to use caution when hiring a private investigator. Unfortunately, some individuals try to make a living without the proper training or license that a true private investigator requires. When this happens, the lawyer loses valuable time and even worse, might lose the case thanks to a phony private eye.

This is why we highly recommend that you do your research before hiring the first private investigator you find on the Internet.

A good private investigator in Ontario will always have a valid private investigation license. He or she will also come with excellent references. When looking for a private investigation agency, check the company’s rating and whether or not they’ve received any awards. All of this information will truly help to make the right hire and help a lawyer to win in court.

Do you or your firm require private investigation research services? The Smith Investigation Agency can help! Contact us today for more information: or give us a call at: (647) 479-8474

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