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Business & Private Investigator Background Checks

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Do you really know who you’re hiring? When a business, any business grows, chances are they turn to their HR department and begin the recruitment process. While HR managers and team members tend to understand exactly what kind of employee the business is looking for, sometimes it’s difficult to spot a bad seed.

It’s easy for anyone to write a stellar resume, walk into an interview and pretend they’re the right fit for the business. It’s also incredibly easy to hand over a list of references made up of friends or even family instead of credible previous employers. If hired, these types of individuals might eventually reveal a hidden agenda. If they have access to company money, product or property, the impact could really cost a business everything.

So, how can any business make sure they avoid hiring someone who might cause more damage than good?

The answer is simpler than you think: run thorough background checks on all potential hires.

Why a Background Check?

A background check helps a business to uncover more information about a potential hire. It provides details about a candidate’s past, including any criminal records, and more.

The problem is, most HR managers don’t have the skills or access to the right resources to run a thorough background check. This means that businesses need to turn to the right people to get the job done. These people are private investigators.

Hiring a Private Investigator to Run Background Checks

In Ontario, private investigators are people who provide businesses and other clients with the facts. A good private investigator is licensed and trained to use a special set of skills. These skills all help a private investigator to dig into a case and uncover the truth. When it comes to business background check cases, a private investigator will find out more about a person’s past and simply pass that information along to the business. This report then helps an HR manager to make a final decision.

When hiring a private investigator, the same logic applies to hiring an employee. The business needs to do the research to make sure they hire the right candidate. A good private investigator will always come with multiple references. Whether these references are from previous clients or employers, speaking to these individuals will help any business to find the right person for the job.

Looking online is a great way for a business to find the right private investigator to help with background checks. Private investigation agencies will have websites, as well as information about services, awards, reviews and even training.

The good news is, once you find the right private investigator for your business, you can continue to hire them. They will run background checks for all your hiring situations, and more!

Private Investigators and Business Background Checks

As mentioned above, private investigators have the right skills to know what to look for and where to look when running a background check. Some of the skills and resources a private investigator will use include,

Social Media

Checking someone’s social media might seem like a simple task. However, many businesses have used this resource as a way to check and see if the candidate is the right fit. Private investigators will also use social media, and have the time to dig deeper into an individual’s news feed. Whether the candidate is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat, a private investigator can learn a lot of information about an individual.

The truth about social media however, is that many people make their profiles private. This is fine! After all, everyone has the right to privacy. Therefore, this form of background check might only tell a private investigator a small slice of a much bigger story.


Private investigators have access to many different databases. These databases provide a lot of information that the general public doesn’t have access to. Information that a private investigator in Ontario can legally provide include, criminal records.

If a potential candidate is hiding a criminal record, the business will want to know. While some types of criminal records can pass the test, others just can’t due to safety concerns. For example, let’s say that the candidate is applying for a job at a school but he or she has a criminal record for child abuse. The business should definitely not hire this person! This is why it’s so important to run a thorough background check.

It is possible for some individuals to appeal and receive a pardon. In these cases, the criminal record is cleared, or at least hidden. It helps these individuals to earn a job without the judgment that comes from having a criminal record. It is still possible for a private investigator to uncover the pardon and the record. However, the business should use their best judgment in these kinds of situations.

Previous Employment

When a potential employee provides references, an HR manager will often call the numbers listed and ask a few questions. This is fine in most situations. However, a private investigator can do more research to determine if the references are valid. A private eye can use special databases to confirm that the candidate worked for the company. This type of check can go as far back as to when the potential hire first started working.

It’s important for a business to confirm that the candidate isn’t lying on their resume or in an interview. So many jobs require a specialized set of skills, and if the potential hire does not actually have those skills it could cause a lot of problems. It’s why private investigators provide a thorough report to the business, with all the information they need to make the right decision.


In some situations, a private investigator will talk to people close to the potential candidate. Speaking with people in the right way often reveals a lot about a potential candidate that won’t show in the interview with the business.

Save Valuable Time and Resources

At the end of the day, a business needs to balance hiring the right employees with the information they have at their fingertips. Hiring the wrong employee costs businesses a lot of money in general. Hiring a private investigator to ensure that the right candidate is hired, every time, will save a business both time and resources in the long term.

Do you need someone to run thorough background checks for your business? Contact the Smith Investigation Agency today for more information. or 416-479-8474

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