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Business Travel – Hire a PI to Keep an Eye on Your Spouse

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There are many jobs in many markets that require people to travel for work. Whether it’s to attend a business meeting or international conference, there are couples out there that have to deal with being apart several times during a month or year.

Unfortunately, there are times when that separation is taken a little too literally. According to Forbes, a survey conducted by On24 to determine what people value between home and work life, a whopping 94% of the participants noted that “bad behaviors” occur while people are travelling for work. 64% of those participants also said that cheating on a spouse also occurs while they are at a convention or long-distance business meeting.

To uncover the truth about a travelling partner, people often turn to a private investigator for help. These are people who are trained in gathering evidence through a multitude of techniques. These techniques help to determine once and for all if a spouse is having a little too much fun travelling for business.

How Do Private Investigators Help?

Private investigators can do many things to help catch a cheating, travelling spouse in the act. In most cases, this means that the private investigator has to drive or fly out to the hotel or resort where the spouse is staying. Once there, a private investigator can blend into the crowd and watch the spouse from a discreet distance.

Sometimes, a private investigator will set up a ‘honey-trap’. They will have an agent approach the spouse and attempt to obtain a phone number or date. Quite often the spouse is faithful and rejects the agent’s advances. However, in situations where a spouse is cheating, they will act inappropriately.

Regardless of behavior, tools, or techniques, the private investigator will uncover the truth and bring that evidence home to the waiting spouse.

Signs of a Cheating Traveller

Before you hire a private investigator, it is important to evaluate your suspicions. The last thing you want to do is send a private investigator on a wild goose chase. Thinking through the following will help you to determine whether or not you might want to hire a detective to investigate your partner.

  • My spouse is starting to extend their travel over weekends.
  • I used to travel with my spouse, but now he/she doesn’t want me tagging along.
  • My spouse travels way more than he/she used to—without explaining why.
  • My spouse doesn’t want me to pick him/her up from the airport.
  • When I call my spouse, he/she is not registered at the hotel he/she said they were staying at for the duration of their trip.

Please note: If you’ve agreed with one or more of the statements above, this doesn’t mean your spouse (or partner) is absolutely, 100% cheating on you. If you have any doubts, talking to your spouse about your concerns might help to ease your mind. If that still doesn’t work, hiring a private investigator can help you to find the answers you need.

Why is My Spouse Cheating?

Why do so many people cheat while away on a business trip? The answer is fairly simple: Business trips can often feel like a vacation. The person is away from home, without their spouse or children. They might be travelling with a co-worker they’ve grown close to, or even meet someone new at the bar.

There are many excuses a partner will give for cheating. The truth is that the person is already a cheater—even before they get on the plane. The environment itself (staying at a hotel or at a convention) simply amplifies certain behaviors in an individual. It means that if your spouse is a drinker, they are more likely to drink while travelling on business. It also means that if your spouse is going to cheat, they are likely to do it while they are away for work.

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