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5 Reasons for a Corporate Investigation

Company owners in Canada are responsible for the activities that happen within their organization – even the activities they don’t witness themselves. But it can be challenging to be aware of what’s happening at all times and what concealed actions may be threatening your company. That’s where internal investigations can help. Whether it’s employee misconduct, …

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Are You Practicing Due Diligence?

Are you practicing due diligence to avoid harm to your business, others or your personal property? If not, you could be leaving your business vulnerable to fraud, bribery and theft. Learn more about what due diligence is and why you need to start practicing it to protect both yourself and your business.  What is Due …

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What is a Trademark Investigation?

The Smith Investigation Agency’s trademark investigations also known as trademark infringement investigations, counterfeit investigations, and trademark in-use investigations exceed the industry standard. Our team of professional private investigators can assist in your trademark investigation whether you need to determine if someone is misusing your trademark or illegally trading on your name. Our investigators will complete …

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