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Cheating Spouse Busted-What is your husband or wife up doing?

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As private investigators, we hear all types of stories and witness all types of cases and situations. Recently we had met with some investigators from the United States, and they were sharing some stories their clients have left in stories on their blog. Now in most cases investigator will uphold confidentiality and not discuss file details with anyone. However, these clients wanted their former spouses exposed and publically shared their experiences.


Just to name a few:


Husband and Wife Busted-

This couple was one we have not seen before. The male had called in believing his wife was having an affair and asked for surveillance to be completed. While the investigators spoke to the husband, they asked what reasons the cheating wife may have for cheating. He explained that he was not spending much time at home, he had been traveling, and he himself had been having an affair for several months. His reasoning for finding out if his wife was cheating or not was so that he would not be in as much trouble when he shared about his affair if he could have something to throw back at her. The private detectives attended the file and oddly enough the wife was cheating as well. We do not know what happened with this couple after but this was a story we had not heard before and thought to share.


Husband goes for a massage-

This family was self-described as a perfect family that had it all. The husband was loving, caring and kind and yet had some secrets. The client (subjects wife) noticed he was late only certain days of the week and would ask him where he was and he always had some reason or excuse as to what he was doing. One day the wife greeted her husband and at the door and noticed he smelt fresh and clean almost as he had just taken a shower rather than smelling like he was working outside all day. So she hired a team of investigators to follow him, and he was attending massage parlors for “specialty” messages then taking a shower at the facility before heading home. This wife was naturally upset and shocked at her seemingly perfect husband’s behavior.


Insurance is a life saver-

A husband and wife were setting up new life insurance which is normal for everyone. The husband and wife had the physicals done for the insurance, and the insurance company notified the husband that he had an STD. Naturally, he told them they were wrong, and they confirmed that it was correct. He confronted his wife who confidently said it must have been from the water park that they had recently attended. He somewhat believed the story but then did some research on the STD to find that it is only contracted during sex. This husband was extremely upset at his wife’s infidelity yet thankful for the physical during the insurance process.


Buying a new car-

This husband was ordering a unique luxury vehicle which cost a significant amount of money, and he was all excited for his trip to get pick out last minute things for the vehicle. The subject lived hundreds of miles from the dealership where the vehicle was ordered and had to fly to the destination. He bought his flight and his wife asked why he had not booked her a ticket as well. He explained he just wanted to go alone and hang out at the dealership the entire time and that she would be bored and he encouraged her just to stay. She did not believe the story her husband gave her, and she hired investigators to follow him from the airport during his trip. Surely enough the subject had set up a dating profile while on his trip that the investigators found and he met with three women while on his short trip. This client was disgusted by her husband’s behavior and lack of care for her and their family.


Vacation Home-

This family had their full-time home as well as a vacation home in Florida. The subject and his wife traveled to their vacation home several times a year. The client had received an email notification from an airline confirming flights yet had not been planning a trip with her husband. She called the airline thinking there was a mistake and she asked who the tickets were purchased under, and a different females name was given along with the husband’s name. The wife not knowing what was going on and trusting her nearly 35 years of marriage asked her husband what was going on. He informed her that the woman 1/2 his age was his girlfriend they were going to visit the client’s vacation home and he was going to enjoy the week with the woman then decide if he wanted to stay with his wife or if he was going to make a new life with this woman. The client was shocked, hurt and mad. She allowed the subject to go on this trip he planned with his girlfriend and had investigators document the entire thing. From what we read his belongings were at the local dump when he returned.

Disclaimer-Although in the stories mentioned above men were mentioned more in stories than women. We often deal with cases that are 50/50 with men to women who have affairs we only heard about these particular cases and shared as you may have a similar situation or have heard of something similar.

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