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Cheating Spouses & Divorce: Facts from a PI

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It’s never easy to admit you think your spouse is cheating on you. As much as private investigators get a bad reputation for taking on these types of cases, there is a huge benefit to working with a professional. A professional private investigator will get you the answers you need to make good decisions. Working with a private investigator or private investigation agency will also help you in the long term, especially should you seek a divorce.


Private investigators know that uncovering the facts, and ultimately, the truth, is the most important thing when it comes to cheating spouse cases and divorce. To help you better understand the facts, we’ve put together what we’ve learned over our 20 years in the industry. Keep reading to find out more!

Canadian Divorce Statistics

Canadian divorce statistics speak for themselves.  The Vanier Institute of the Family provided a report with research on divorce and family throughout Canada. This report is called, Facts and Stats: Divorce, Separation and Uncoupling in Canada. Here are a few highlights:


  • 1 in 5 reported that his or her parents are separated
  • 15% reported that he or she went through separation or divorce in the last 20 years
  • 13.7 years is the average duration of a Canadian marriage
  • Divorce fees range from $1,772 to $15,306
  • 56% of children 24 and under life with a separated or divorced parent
  • 1 in 5 separated or divorced parents pay child support (children under 18)


When it comes to divorce, a private investigator knows how difficult the process can be. Divorce fees, child custody, finance and assets can feel overwhelming. However, if you have a private investigator on your side, you can make sure you come out of the divorce on top. Here’s why you should hire a private investigator to help you catch a cheating spouse.

Hire a Private Investigator to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Most clients contact us when they’re fairly certain that their spouse is cheating. Many clients find proof, but need a second pair of eyes to really make sure the evidence they’ve found adds up. Either way, hiring a private investigator to help you catch a cheating spouse can drastically help you should you require a divorce, or separation.


Private investigators have the necessary skills and knowledge to catch a cheating spouse. It’s the reason why it’s important to consider hiring a private investigator. While you might think you have the ability to investigate your spouse without their knowledge, he or she is likely going to be very careful to cover their tracks—at least from you.  


A private investigator is someone your spouse doesn’t know. A good private investigator is careful to remain unseen at all times. He or she will want the cheating spouse to go about their daily business. The moment a cheating spouse thinks someone might find out, they will likely change their behavior. A good private investigator won’t let that happen.

A Private Investigator’s Techniques to Catch a Cheating Spouse

A private investigator will use many different techniques to catch a cheating spouse. In general, a professional private investigator will also have a valid license and know how to use the latest in investigative technologies and equipment. More specifically, private investigators will use some of the following to prove whether or not an individual is having an affair:


As mentioned above, surveillance is a technique a private investigator will use to follow an individual. The purpose of surveillance is to observe what the individual does during the day, or night. A private investigator might sit in a parked vehicle near the individual’s home, to watch the individual’s activities.


In many cheating spouse cases, surveillance is the number one way to catch him or her in the act. The reason for this is often because the spouse will arrange a meeting and a private investigator can observe what happens.


Honey Trap:

While this method is not popular with some private investigators, it’s a technique that is sometimes used to see how a spouse will behave. The honey trap requires a bit of a set-up, where an individual will approach the spouse in a bar, or on the street. That individual will hit on or flirt with the spouse too see how he or she will react. In most cases, the spouse does nothing. However, a cheating spouse will often exchange numbers and pretend that they aren’t married.

Background Check:

A background check can provide a private investigator with all sorts of information about an individual. For example, sometimes people get married, but they hide bank accounts, or other important bits of information from their spouse. In other situations, a person might be hiding a previous marriage, divorce, or even (in some extreme cases) a secret family. While most background checks don’t reveal anything sinister, it can help to shape a private investigator cheating spouse investigation.


A good private investigator excels in getting people to provide him or her with information. Sometimes, catching a cheating spouse is as simple as interviewing a colleague, co-worker, friend or neighbor. Quite often, a cheating spouse is careful around their partner, but not around other people. By interviewing people close to the cheating spouse, a private investigator can start to build his or her case.


In addition to getting you the evidence you need, when a private investigator catches a cheating spouse, you get the support you need to take your spouse to court.

Know Your Rights – And What’s Legal

When it comes to cheating spouses, a good private investigator understands how emotions can get in the way of the truth. Sometimes, an individual can believe with all their heart that their spouse is cheating. However, the truth could very well be that nothing at all is going on. In other situations, a client might want to push for an investigation that isn’t legal. Pushing for an illegal investigation might provide peace of mind. However, in the long run, the evidence won’t hold up in court. In addition, the client could end up facing penalties and fines for ignoring their spouse’s privacy.


For example, let’s say that you log into your spouse’s email account and discover some very telling emails between your spouse and another person. This might be enough evidence to confront your spouse and reveal the truth. However, because you logged into an email account that wasn’t your own, without the person’s consent, that information can’t be used in court.


Here’s another example. Let’s say that you want to set up cameras and bugs throughout your home without your spouse’s knowledge. While this might help you and the private investigator catch the cheating spouse in the act, you can’t use the evidence in court. Let’s not forget, the act of recording a person without their knowledge or consent is illegal. If your spouse finds out, they have the right to take you to court instead.

So What?

Catching a cheating spouse is never fun and neither is divorce. Unfortunately, there isn’t much a private investigator can do but lend a sympathetic ear and uncover the truth. What this really means is that with the evidence a private investigator provides, he or she can help you to protect yourself in court.

Private Investigators in Court

Private investigators help lawyers all the time, and in many different ways. Sometimes a lawyer will require a bit of research. So, he or she will hire a private investigator to get the job done. In other situations, a private investigator is hired to run surveillance, or get witness statements, run background checks, and so on. Should the private investigator find information or evidence, he or she will present it to the lawyer, who will decide whether or not the information will help the case.


When it comes to divorce, a private investigator can help in many different ways—and not just in catching that cheating spouse. For example, a private investigator can do a background check on the cheating spouse to try and find out if they have any hidden assets. A private investigator can also help in child custody battles in situations where the couple has children. For example, let’s say that you believe your cheating spouse exposed your children to inappropriate or dangerous situations. A private investigator can help you find concrete evidence and win custody through surveillance.

Get Help with Your Divorce from a Private Investigator

Cheating spouse cases can be difficult especially if you decide divorce is the best option. As difficult as that might be, you want to put yourself in a position to succeed.  Know and understand that if a private investigator can find information that will help you and your case, it’s in your best interest to find out how. The information a private investigator discovers can help to make sure you get any financial help you might be owed, or retain any assets that you deserve to keep. You can also check frequently asked divorce law questions at Romano Law.


Do you or someone you know need help catching a cheating spouse? Contact The Smith Investigation today for more information. Our private investigators are highly trained in surveillance and other related techniques to help you in any way you need. or 1-888-950-4113.

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