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Child Custody – Protect your Child and Hire a PI

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When two people are looking to divorce, one of the most important things to consider is the safety and well being of any children those two people have.


When Divorce Goes Bad

In many cases, divorcing couples have it all figured out. They know that they both want to be present in their child’s life and work together to make sure that their child’s wellbeing is always considered.

There are however, times when this just isn’t possible. Either the parents can’t agree on anything or one of the parents isn’t capable of taking care of their child. There are many examples of this, and many of them are quite sad. It could be that one of the parents is an alcoholic or addict, or that they disappear for months at a time without a word.

It is during these kinds of situations where a parent can bring the matter before a court to try and better protect their child. These court cases are known as child custody cases.


Different Types of Custody

When a couple divorces, and they have children, there are several different types of custody that they can claim. In most cases, both parents are and should receive shared or joint custody of their child. This is the most common type of custody. As already mentioned, there are of course, situations where one parent is not capable of taking care of their child.

Since the Smith Investigation Agency is primarily based out of Ontario, Canada, we’ve put a list together of the most common types of child custody within the province. Depending on where you live, there might be a few more, or even different variations of the same types of child custody.



This means that only one of the parents has the rights to have their child live with them. It also means that one parent makes the decisions regarding the child’s schedule, routine, etc. The other parent might be given permission to visit their child (visitation rights) while in some cases; they might not have permission to see their child at all.



This type of custody occurs when the parents have more than one child. It means that one parent has custody over some of the children while the other parent has custody over the other children. When it comes to very young children, split custody is not often granted. The reason is because the courts do not like to separate siblings. However, split custody is often more accepted in older children who decide for themselves which parent they want to live with.


Joint Legal

Joint Legal Custody is the most flexible. It allows both parents to make decisions together, which include, how much time the child will spend with each parent, where they will live, which schools they will go to and more.


Joint Physical

This type of custody means that both parents spend a minimum of 40% of their time with their child. Similar rules to Joint Legal custody apply. The parent must outline routines and schedules that work for both parties.


What Can a PI Do?

Private investigators are trained professionals that can help you to find the evidence you need to keep your child safe. This evidence when brought to court can truly help to convince a judge that you deserve sole custody (or other).

There are many techniques that a private investigator will use to gather evidence against an unfit parent including,


Watching the Parent

Surveillance is one of the best ways to prove whether or not a parent is fit to share custody of a child. The reason for this is because the private investigator can relay information about the parent’s actions when they are with their child. For example, the parent takes the child to a bar all day, or disappears for hours at a time, leaving the child at home alone. These are both examples of the kinds of proof that the private investigator can give to support a custody case.

It’s important to note . . .

When it comes to surveillance tools, a private investigator needs to know what’s legal and what’s illegal. Why? Well, if proof is illegally obtained, you won’t be able to use it in court. For example, a private investigator cannot bug the parent’s house and record conversations. It is illegal to record a conversation without the individual’s consent.


Talking to Others

Interviews are an excellent way to gather information about a parent. A private investigator can talk to family members, friends, neighbors, employers and more to try and obtain evidence that the parent is not capable of taking care of their child.


Present the Truth

This one isn’t really a technique, but it’s something you really need to think about when you hire a private investigator or private investigation company. There are plenty of private eye’s out there who want to make a quick buck. Some of these private investigators will give you a cheap rate and then come back without any evidence or information and tell you they need more money to continue working on the case. Others will go to any lengths to give you the information you want either by obtaining it illegally or by manipulating the facts. Either way, this information can’t be used in court and if it is, you could find yourself slapped with a few fines or even lose custody of your child.

Hire a private investigator or private investigation firm with good ratings and reviews. Word of mouth is always great, and in some cases, your lawyer will know who to contact. Don’t let your emotions sway your resolve to get an honest report.


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