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Concerned about Elder Abuse? How a Private Investigator Can Help

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Placing your elderly parent or loved one in the care of another can be a difficult but necessary decision to make, especially with cases of elder abuse on the rise. Entrusting someone to take care of mom or dad, and then recognizing potential signs of abuse can be a nightmare for any adult child to endure. Your elderly family members have the right to live in a safe and clean environment, where they are treated with dignity and respect, whether it’s under the care of a facility or a single caregiver at home. If you suspect something may be happening and are concerned about elder abuse, a private investigator can help you get the answers you need, fast. Here’s how we can help you understand what’s really going with your loved one.

Background Checks

Hiring someone who you can rely on to take good care of your ageing parent is a big deal. And when it comes to hiring a caregiver or assessing a nursing home facility, it can be hard to really know what to expect beyond face value. That’s where a background check can help. Background checks can be beneficial when it comes to making important and informed decisions, especially when it involves the care of a loved one. Our agency can perform pre-employment screening, a criminal record check (with consent), employment history, and more. This can disclose any potential red flags before leaving anyone alone with your parent.


Our highly skilled and experienced private investigators can provide tailored services for whatever you need. If you are concerned about elder abuse, a private investigator can help you get to the bottom of what’s really going on.  We will discreetly monitor their activity to ensure that your caregiver is providing the level of service and care that you expect.

GPS Tracking

If you want to ascertain the activities of your loved one and caregiver throughout the day, another compelling and discreet option to consider is GPS tracking. These sturdy little devices are legal and can allow you to monitor the activity of your loved one and caregiver when using the vehicle with their consent. These are useful for real-time tracking and can provide information regarding a variety of factors such as specific locations, mishandling and speeding.

We believe that when you hire someone to care for your elderly family member, they should be thoroughly screened and vetted for before you entrust them with your parent’s safety and well-being. Every elderly member of our community deserves to be treated with integrity and respect. When you need clarity regarding your elder abuse concerns, a private investigator can help. Contact us at The Smith Investigation Agency today to learn more about how we can assist you in getting the answers you need.

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