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Conducting Surveillance For Subjects On Bail

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There are so many reasons why private investigators in Toronto are hired to conduct surveillance from insurance cases, legal and corporate surveillance, cheating spouses and infidelity, wellness checks on elderly and teenagers as well as child custody situations. But one you do not hear of often is surveillance for individuals on bail to ensure they stay within the guidelines they are given.

Bail can be defined as “the temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial, sometimes on condition that a sum of money is lodged to guarantee their appearance in court.” Did you know that part of some individuals bail conditions has 24/7 coverage by private investigators in Mississauga? Most do not know of this or even know they can opt for this when pleading to be released on bail.

Money Talks

One case in particular that we dealt with years ago was a high-profile case where the individual accused of a crime was very wealthy and did not want to stay in jail while awaiting his trial. This individual prepared everything with their legal team to ensure when they applied for bail that it would be approved. When they were in court, they mentioned as part of the bail conditions the individual would have to adhere to that they would also hire private investigators in Toronto to be on the watch 24/7. One investigator watching the backyard of the residence and another from the road to ensure if the individual departed at any point investigators could tail right away. This naturally cost the client a significant amount of money; however money talks, and in this situation, it also buys freedom.

What Are Bail Conditions Normally Like?

Generally, bail conditions for the average person will look something like this:

You must attend all court dates
You must not attend certain places of business or residences
You must stay away from certain people
You must not leave your home or place given in bail conditions
You must not commit any further crimes or be present during any other crimes
You must not obstruct justice
You must not attempt to harm or cause distress to any witnesses in your case
You must not leave the place of bail during certain hours
You must not attempt to visit certain persons

Who Would Hire A Private Investigator for This Type of Case?

Anyone who does not want to be in jail during the lengthy trial period or someone who wants to ensure the person who is on bail is adhering to the conditions.

One case we worked on several years ago the subject of our investigation was not allowed to go out past certain times, was not supposed to spend time around certain establishments or people. We worked with our client who was a lawyer for the individuals who had a family member attacked by the individual we were surveilling. The family and their lawyer wanted to not only ensure the safety of their family in making sure this individual did not come to their homes or around their family and workplaces but also to ensure the subject would be brought to justice he the conditions of bail were broken.

Another case we had worked on where the subject was on bail was a case where the subject was not allowed to drive any vehicles other than a known work vehicle. This reason for this is the subject had been in an MVA (motor vehicle accident) and as a result had his license revoked. However, he was self-employed, and in order to maintain making money to provide for his family, he was granted the ability to drive his work vehicle only. The client’s legal team wanted to ensure this individual did not get away with the crime that he had committed, and we began continuous surveillance on the individual to determine if he was using any other vehicles. It turns out he was, and our investigators followed him as he drove through the suburbs of Toronto on his motorcycle in the fall and went on lea surly drives with his children all while being told he could not drive any vehicles other than his work vehicle. In some cases, we would only conduct surveillance one of two times after seeing the subject do something they are not supposed to, however, in this case, we wanted to provide as much evidence as possible, and the client agreed. Once we finally wrapped the case up, we had several week’s worth of evidence to ensure this subject not only returned to jail but would be charged for breaking his conditions of bail as well as ensure he would never receive bail again.

Does Evidence Obtained On Surveillance Help My Court Case?

Yes, if once you hire a private investigator in Toronto, you are able to see activity that proves the opposite of what the person says or violates the law this can assist in your case being won. You also want to ensure when you work with your investigators that they are a reputable investigative agency and have licensed private investigators working your case. You also want to ensure that they have the experience necessary for your case as not all cases are the same and ones that specifically need evidence to go to court need only the best private investigators in Toronto. You want to make sure that all evidence is obtained legally and within the law. If the evidence obtained is done so while an investigator is trespassing for instance or violates the evidence act, then your evidence could be inadmissible in court. Also work with a company with a solid reputation, lots of legitimate reviews and client referrals if possible.

If you are dealing with a situation and know someone who is on bail and you believe they are not holding up the terms of the bail agreement you can hire our private investigators in Ontario to conduct the investigation. As a national company we can conduct surveillance in Alberta and Nova Scotia as well as Ontario, and we operate in all major cities. From Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Hamilton, Oakville, Barrie, London, Kingston, Windsor, Ottawa, Halifax, Edmonton and Calgary. Call today to speak with a private investigator about surveillance. We offer free consultations, or you can complete an inquiry form below.

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