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Dating Background Checks – Keeping You and Your Family Safe

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Dating is tricky. Some might say it’s always been tricky, but with today’s modern spin on an old routine, dating can often take a turn for the worse. With online dating sites like eHarmony or Plenty of Fish, or phone apps like Tinder, and more, the dating pool expands to practically anywhere in the world. While this opens the door to plenty of dating opportunities, it can also invite trouble for you or your family.

We’ve all heard dating horror stories, ones that we laugh about over coffee or dinner with friends. However, some of these dating tales are no laughing matter. Plenty of people get tricked into relationships that aren’t real, while others end up losing money, property and even precious family heirlooms.

Need More Proof?

If you haven’t heard any of these tales for yourself, trust us, they’re out there. But, if you need more proof, simply scan the news. You’ll uncover loads of stories from people who learned some pretty hard lessons about dating. Some of these stories include:

Example 1:

According to the Omaha World Herald, A woman living in Nebraska started dating a man after meeting on After talking every day for five months, and even speaking over FaceTime, she sent him money for several plane tickets. The man however, never showed up. The woman lost almost $400,000.

Example 2:

The Canberra Times published an article where a woman stole someone else’s identity. She convinced the man she had met through a dating app that she had cancer and needed money to help pay for treatment in addition to her child’s education fees. Law enforcement estimates that this woman collected over $300,000 since 2010 from 23 alleged victims.

Example 3:

An elderly woman was scammed out of over £110,000 because she developed a relationship with a man online. Although they never met, the two exchanged over 900 messages before the man claimed a relative had been shot and he needed money to travel to the UK. She gave him the money believing he would pay her back.

Modern Dating 101

When you or a family member starts dating someone, it is very common to turn to his or her social media pages to learn more. While this technique puts most people’s minds at ease, it is very easy to hide the truth on social media.

For example, there are people out there who like to find someone who will let them move in within a few weeks of dating. These individuals than might start stealing money. Catfishing is also common thanks to online dating. It’s extremely easy to set up a fake profile and pretend to live in a different part of the country. Who knows what a catfisher will end up wanting from you? In some cases, it will be more than a broken heart. Even worse, what about situations where an individual is only interested in dating your older, ailing relative to get their hands on some kind of inheritance? What if they have a criminal record?

You won’t find any of this information on a social media page.

So, if checking out someone’s social media only answers surface level questions or is an outright lie, how can you know for sure if the person you or a family member is dating isn’t going to leave you wishing you never met?

The Warning Signs

There’s some good news. If you or a family member starts dating someone, there are many ways you can identify if that person is bad news. Some of these warning signs include,

  • He or she keeps asking for money only a few months after ‘’
  • Catching the individual in multiple lies
  • The individual continues to come up with excuses as to why they can’t meet in person
  • He or she refuses to discuss their past
  • The person wants to move quickly, saying, ‘I love you’ or pushing you to move in with them after only a few weeks of dating
  • You find something questionable on their social media profiles
  • Something just doesn’t feel right

The biggest question you need to ask yourself is, does the person or relationship sound too good to be true? If the answer is yes, then trust your gut. It’s time to get a background check on the individual.

Get a Background Check!

A background check is the easiest way to uncover the truth about a person. In general, a background check can reveal many things including, criminal records, previous residences, employment and more.

When it comes to dating background checks, a criminal record or history of violence is likely something you will want to avoid. Dating background checks also reveal if the individual is married and lying to you. And what if the person you are dating isn’t even real? A background check will fill you in sooner rather than later.

Background checks are particularity important in situations where a family member might not see the negative in their partner. If your Mom, Dad, or any relative starts dating someone new and you think there might be something off about them,

Hire a Private Investigator for a Dating Background Check

We highly recommend you turn to a private investigator for any background checks related to you or a family member. Why? The reason is simple. Private investigators (and more specifically, licensed private investigators) have all the tools and know-how needed to conduct a background check without the individual catching on.

If you attempt to do a background check on your own, you risk getting caught. This could effectively end a relationship, depending on how the individual feels about background checks. You also run the risk of missing a key piece of information because you don’t have access to the right databases or know what to look for.

A private investigator will have access to databases and other information that is difficult for you to get your hands on. This information includes,

  • Identity validation
  • Bankruptcy claims
  • Lawsuits
  • Owed taxes
  • Address confirmation
  • History of employment
  • Criminal record
  • Owned property
  • Education

Do you need a licensed private investigator to run a background check on someone you’re dating? Maybe you have a family member who just isn’t sure. Put your mind at ease and Contact the Smith Investigation today for more information.

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