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Destination Surveillance – Tailing Your Spouse on a Boys or Girls Weekend

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Boys’ and girls’ weekends are very common in North America. Most of these trips help friends—both single or not—to bond and relax, often in a city or country away from home. Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking a little time away from your spouse or significant other. In fact, some will argue that it’s necessary in order to maintain a strong relationship. However, the trouble lies in the fact that some individuals use a weekend away as an excuse to cheat.

Not every boys or girls weekend gets out of hand. In addition, if your partner cheats, they really have no one to blame but themselves. While many love to blame guys’ weekends for getting out of hand, they aren’t alone. Women cheat just as often as men in some cases.

Suspicious? Hire a Private Investigator

It’s really important to remember that not every spouse or significant other cheats on a boy’s or girl’s weekend. If you know what to listen for, however, your partner will likely give you a few clues about their behaviour.

If your spouse starts to spend every weekend away with their friends, you might want to consider this a red flag. Additionally, if your partner starts to exclude you from hanging out with them and their friends, you might also want to start asking some questions.

So, what if you find yourself questioning whether or not your significant other is having a little too much fun on their weekend getaways? The best course of action is to hire a private investigator. Why? Well, a private investigator can provide destination surveillance and other types of investigative services. Based on the information the private investigator finds, you will know whether or not a confrontation—or breakup—is in order.

Destination Surveillance

Surveillance is the art of watching someone naturally go about his or her day, week, or even month. The key to surveillance is that the individual does not and cannot know that they are being observed. Once an individual knows that someone is watching them, they tend to change their behaviour. If the individual changes their behaviour, they can get away with lying, cheating and more. A good private investigator is an expert at conducting surveillance without being noticed.

Destination surveillance is pretty much the same as surveillance. The only difference is that the private investigator will travel to the same destination as the person they need to observe. In the case of boys’ or girls weekends, the private investigator will:

  • Follow the individual to his or her destination.
  • Determine if the individual is in the city, they indicated to their partner.
  • Identify if the individual is with the boys or girls he or she said they would be travelling with.
  • Stay at the same (or closest) hotel as the individual in question.
  • Follow the individual as he or she goes about their day to make a note of their behaviour.

In the case of surveillance, the private investigator will try not to approach or interact with the individual. Again, if the situation isn’t right, the private investigator will not want to draw attention; they want the individual to act as naturally as possible.


Another technique a private investigator will use during a destination case is interviews. There might be situations where a private investigator can’t follow the individual. It might also be used in a situation where the individual is on a resort, as it isn’t unusual to see the same people day after day.

The private investigator (and potentially more than one private investigator) will go to a restaurant, bar or even club that the individual attends during their boy’s or girls’ weekend. The private investigators will approach the group. Quite often, if prompted in the right ways, the individual in question will:

  • Start to brag about their actions.
  • Engage in cheating in front of the private investigators.

Alternatively, a private investigator is also very likely to get one of the men or women in the group to talk. After all, most people love to talk when given a platform, and especially when on vacation.

Video Recording and Camera Technologies

In some cases, a boys or girls weekend takes place in a location where it is more difficult to get close to the action. It is why many private investigation companies and their private investigators use the latest in video and photographic technology. Videos and photographs can sometimes tell the details regarding a boys or girls weekend much more effectively than anything else.

The one thing that licensed private investigators in Ontario and Canada need to keep in mind is that in some situations, recorded or photographic evidence is illegal if taken without the individual’s consent. In other situations, that evidence cannot be used in court. If you simply want information or answers regarding your significant other while they are away on a boys or girls weekend then this method might work well.

Honey Pot

In rare situations, a private investigator might pose as a honey pot. What this means is that the private investigator will go undercover and approach the suspect. They will ask the individual for their phone number or contact information, or instigate a meet-up of sorts to see what they will do and how they will react.

If the individual passes along their hotel room number or tries to initiate more intimate behaviour, the private investigator’s team will make note. The team will then bring this information back to their client.

This approach however is pretty tricky to pull off. In many cases the private investigator doesn’t want to get that close to the individual. It’s much easier to start with surveillance.

What Should You do with the Truth?

Hiring a private investigator to follow your partner on a guys or girls weekend can first and foremost give you peace of mind. Let’s say that you have suspicions about your spouse and what they’re doing while you’re not around. It can bring on anxious thoughts and eventually, paranoia. Hiring a good private investigator will:

  • Help to prove once and for all if your partner cheats on you during girls or boys weekends.
  • Put any further doubts out of your mind.
  • Provide and understanding individual that will talk through and focus on your concerns and problems.

At the end of the day, and whatever the result, it is up to you to approach your significant other. If you decide to try and work things out or pack your bags—the decision is ultimately in your hands. At least you had the foresight and courage to tackle the problem head on, instead of letting it stay secret.

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