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Do You Know What Your Family is Doing? Activity Checks Save Lives!

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With society the way it is now in terms of access to online information, chat rooms, and predators, you can never be too safe when it comes to your children. Are you the type of parent who travels often or works late hours? Don’t feel bad –  many parents nowadays are in the same boat. But what are your children doing while you are working or away?

Activity checks save lives

We saw an online documentary recently about children speaking to individuals on chat rooms. The parents decided to hire private investigators in a ruse to scare their child. The client (father) had found transcripts online of his daughter speaking to someone in an online chat room. The types of conversations she was having and the pictures that were exchanged alarmed him. The father wanted to teach his daughter that not everything as it seems online. He had hired an investigations company to set up a dummy account and speak to the girl (nothing inappropriate) but to act as though the user was the girl’s age and ask to meet at a park to hang out.

The girl agreed and shortly after she had made arrangements with who she thought was a 16-year-old boy from the town she lived in. The father sat in the back of a minivan with two of the investigators, and the decoy (young male) had messaged the girl saying, “my uncle will take us to the park just get into his van.” One of the investigators in the front seat acted as though he was the young boy and the father (disguised) opened the van side door and grabbed the girl, pulling her into the van. Moments later, they informed the girl, who was obviously freaking out. She was comforted by her mother and father who just wanted to show how fast something like that can happen and the dangers of talking to strangers online then meeting them.

Needless to say, the young woman stopped using chat rooms and placing so much information on social media. Now we are not saying this is the best method to teach your children about safety, but in this case, the girl quickly understood the dangers and is more cautious, which could have saved her life.

We complete activity checks often, and they are not just for children. We complete activity checks for seniors, activity checks for spouses, activity checks for employees, etc.

No matter the need to conduct an activity check, sometimes you just need to know what is happening in your home, business, and life.

Teenager Activity Check

We recently had a case where the client thought things in her home were moved or shifted when she would return from vacation with her family it bothered her not knowing what was happening. She hired our investigation company, and we visited the house several times while the client and her family were away. It turns out one of their son’s friends who knew they were out of town decided to come into their house knowing where the key was and use their in-home movie theatre and pool while his friend was away. He had two friends over as well as a young female at one point. Now, this is concerning. Not only did the boy enter the house without permission, but something could have happened while he was at the house. The client was happy to have the information and take appropriate action.

Elder Activity Check

Another time we completed an activity check, it was for the client’s mother who was staying in a local nursing home. When our client would visit her mother, she noticed her mother was more timid and had various bruises throughout her body. We completed an investigation on the individuals who were taking care of her mother as well as setting up a hidden camera in the mother’s room (with her permission), and we documented the caretakers being physically rough as well as emotionally abusive towards the 80+-year-old woman. Needless to say in this situation the client was extremely happy to see the individuals charged and fired for the abuse and to see her mother not harmed any longer.

Employee Activity Check

Another time a client of ours called and mentioned he thought it was odd that several of his top employees decided to quit all at once. He asked us to follow one of the individuals, and it turns out the individual had not only started a company with the former employees of our clients, but was in the process of stealing his clients. The former workers had several legal documents prohibiting them from such action, and thankfully we were able to find evidence and see what was going on before it had gotten out of hand for the client. He mentioned the loss of just two of the clients they were trying to poach was nearly $20 million yearly. Spending a small amount of money to complete an activity check can literally save you thousands or millions in this case.

As you can see from just a few of examples, there are many reasons activity checks can be beneficial in saving a child’s life, determining abuse on an elderly person, and knowing what your employees or former employees are doing.

If you need a private investigator for an activity check on a child, cheating spouse, family member, employee, etc. please give us a call, and we can discuss the best plan of action for your investigation. We are Mississauga’s Discreet Private Investigation Agency and Toronto’s most qualified private detective agency.

If you need an activity check or surveillance completed please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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