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Employee Surveillance in Toronto

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The Smith Investigation Agency’s private investigators work very closely with many companies who require our Toronto surveillance services. In general, the majority of these types of clients simply want to monitor employee behavior. In other cases, our client suspects something a little more serious is going on.

It is because of the wide variety of employee behavior that private investigators recommend a variety of surveillance services in Toronto.

Employee Surveillance – The Good and the Bad

Let’s take a moment to take a closer look at employee surveillance. It is important to note that in Toronto, employee surveillance comes with some red tape. For example, it is illegal to record a conversation without the knowledge of the person being recorded. It is also illegal to set up surveillance equipment like video recording devices in private areas.

Therefore, if an employer in Toronto sets up recording software on an employees phone without their knowledge, the employee can take their employer to court. This is true even if the employee wasn’t acting in the best interest of the company. It is also possible for these legalities to differ between cities, provinces and states. So, Toronto employee surveillance laws can differ from Vancouver or Ottawa employee surveillance laws.

This is why so many companies turn to private investigators or a private investigation company for help. A good private investigator will know what is legal and what is illegal. They will not suggest anything that will put a company in hot water with their employees.

Common Employee Surveillance Techniques

A private investigator’s employee surveillance techniques can differ based on the case he or she works on. There are, however, many employee surveillance techniques that a private investigator will suggest. These more general techniques will help any Toronto based company identify employees who aren’t doing his or her job. These techniques will also help the company to continue to keep operations running smoothly. Some of these techniques include,

Key Logging:

Employee computer surveillance is becoming more and more important to companies and businesses in Toronto. While it is difficult to keep track of every single action employees make during the day, it is possible to track what an employee types on their computer keyboard.

This method of surveillance requires special software that will automatically take a screenshot should an employee enter specific keywords. For example, if an employee discovers the company’s financial information and they attempt to access the account, the software will take a screenshot. That screenshot will help to prove that the employee attempted to access private and confidential information.

Phone Monitoring

This type of surveillance or monitoring is very common for a lot of companies in Toronto and other areas in North America. In particular, when it comes to customer call centers, complaints or any interaction with the public, many companies will record a phone conversation as a way to monitor quality control.

When it comes to Toronto employee surveillance, an employee can record all conversations made on company phones. However, it is critical to inform all employees that all conversations are and will be recorded.

These new phone systems can also help an employer to understand just how much time their employee spends talking. If, for example, an employee working in the customer complaint division has a very high number of minutes on the phone—this is good. On the other hand, if the employee works in the warehouse lifting boxes of product, they really shouldn’t have too many hours on the phone.

Video Surveillance

Most companies in Toronto use video surveillance in their offices. The reason for this is really to prevent anyone from entering the building and stealing equipment or damaging property. To use video surveillance legally, the company is required to put up a sign to let the public know. This means that employees also need to know whether or not his or her company has video surveillance.

When people know that they’re being recorded, they tend to act very differently. This isn’t a bad thing. Companies want their employees to be on their best behavior. At the same time, video surveillance is a great tool in catching people when they do misbehave. For example, if an employee is drinking alcohol from a flask all day, video surveillance can pick that up.

Email Monitoring

For many companies in Toronto, computers are an essential part of an employee’s day-to-day job. This means that all employees have access to email. It is possible for a company to read an employee’s email—even after it’s been deleted. It is important to note that in some cities this does breech privacy acts so again: a company needs to understand privacy laws before implementing any surveillance solution.

In general, even if a company can’t legally read the emails an employee has sent or received, it is still possible to see just how many emails the employee has sent during the workday. For example, if an employee sends over one thousand emails a day, he or she is very likely not getting any work done.

Location Surveillance

Many jobs require employees to go to different sites or visit clients in another city or even country. If a company suspects that their employee isn’t doing their job, they can hire a private investigator. The private investigator will follow the employee to watch and take note of their daily activities.

For example, let’s say that an employee is flying from Toronto to Las Vegas to take part in a company conference. The company wants to make sure that their employee actually attends the conference so they hire a private investigator. The private investigator follows the employee to the hotel and notices that he or she does not attend the conference at all. Instead, the employee heads to the pool where he or she sleeps all day before heading out to several clubs.

In this situation, the private investigator will record the information they gathered from the surveillance. He or she will share that information with the company, who will likely fire the employee for misconduct.

Toronto Employee Surveillance: Insurance Fraud

One of the more serious types of Toronto employee surveillance is catching insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is when an employee lies about a workplace injury. He or she will claim money from the insurance company and likely take time off work. Lying about an injury and claiming insurance is insurance fraud and it is illegal.

Companies in Toronto often hire private investigators to conduct surveillance on employees they suspect of insurance fraud. In these cases, the private investigator will follow the employee as they go about their day. If the employee is “too sick” to go to work and the private investigator witnesses him or her getting on a boat to go sailing for the day something fishy is definitely going on.

Regardless of what the private investigator sees, they will put together a report. That report will go back to the company and the employee—if lying—will likely get fired.

Overall, Toronto employee surveillance is a company’s best way of making sure things run smoothly during work hours. Hiring a Toronto based private investigator to help with managing employee surveillance is a great way to make sure that your company continues to run efficiently today and tomorrow.

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