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Female Private Investigators…. On The Rise!

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When you think of Private Investigators what do you think? Does the image of a man leaning against a wall in a brown trench coat with a Homburg hat and pipe seem familiar?

The Industry has grown from that look, in fact, women are beginning to infiltrate the industry.

Female investigators can fit into the majority of situations more naturally and can maintain composure within sensitive undercover investigations and role playing.

Forbes Magazine recognized the asset of female investigators and wrote, “Women are Gifted when it comes to deciphering and reading situations.”

“America’s first female private investigator was Kate Warne. She started her career in 1856. Warne was part of a team of Investigators, at Pinkerton Detective Agency, that uncovered plans to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln. She went undercover as a wealthy southern belle that infiltrated social gatherings to develop details of the assassination.”

Whether using female private investigators in surveillance situations, undercover investigations, investigative research or interviewing the benefits are obvious.

Picture an active target of an alleged insurance fraud claim, the investigators goal is to obtain as much video evidence as possible. So let’s say you’re following a target, and they visit a gym, a grocery store, a women’s clothing store, or a community center watching a child play a sport. If you’re this target would you notice a female or a male more in this situation? With situations like this and others, we know that female investigators can blend into all these situations and then some without making the target or people around feel suspicious or concerned. The demand for females within the Private Investigative industry is imperative, and it’s great seeing the numbers of women joining the industry grow.

Within Undercover Investigations (UC) situations, it has proven easier to gain detailed intel utilizing a female private investigator. Females are an asset as people tend to feel more trustworthy and comfortable disclosing information.

Of course, all private investigators maintain respect and understanding that both men and women play important roles within the industry. Like all industries, we are excited to see the growth and changes.

-The Smith Investigation Agency

A Female Private Investigator Focused on her subject.

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