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Get Your Employee Back to Work: How Private Investigator’s Help Bust Fraud on the Job

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A company’s worst nightmare can happen in the blink of an eye. How? Well, a valued employee can show up for work and end up injuring themselves on the job. Accidents happen, and when an employee legitimately requires time off to heal from that injury, companies are happy to help. However, in some employee injury cases, the employee decides to take advantage of the system. It doesn’t happen often. Unfortunately, though, it does happen. Looking to get your employees back to work? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s how a private investigator can help to bust fraud on the job. 

The Importance of Workplace Safety

No one wakes up in the morning thinking that they will get injured at work. In fact, no one wants to get injured at work! Many modern companies work tirelessly to ensure that employees know about workplace safety. However, despite best efforts, injuries on the job do happen. This is often true for people who work in warehouses, lifting and lowering heavy products or other related equipment. Many people who also work with dangerous chemicals or oil rigs can also experience an injury while on the job. 

In Ontario, most companies must ensure their employees through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). This organization is what provides payouts to employees should they become injured at work. In many situations, this type of insurance is lifesaving. Injured employees who cannot work can at least continue to pay their bills through insurance benefits. While most employees don’t take advantage of this system, some do, and it is this type of employee that ends up costing the company and the WSIB a lot of wasted time and money.  

Why Some People Lie About an Injury at Work

Why people lie about a workplace injury is not a cut and dry matter. It’s not like everyone who lies to the WSIB does so for the same reasons. Whatever the reason though, the person is committing a crime. It’s a fraud. The lie is detrimental to the company and to the rules and regulations laid out by the WSIB. 

One of the strangest reasons why people lie about an injury at work is a situation where someone was trying to work two jobs. This individual lied about an injury at one job so that they could collect the benefit in addition to a full paycheque elsewhere. As you can imagine, this lie is a big one. Stranger still, the individual didn’t think they would get caught! 

Lying about a workplace injury can lead to an investigation. If the WSIB decides to investigate your claim and you are caught in a lie (whatever that lie may be) you could face a mountain of fines, not to mention some jail time. 

How a Private Investigator Can Help

So, what happens if you’re a manager at a company and you believe your employee is lying about a workplace injury? Well, first things first. Don’t try to solve the issue on your own. It takes a trained individual to catch a lying employee. You want to be sure that your suspicions are correct before you point any fingers. In some situations, it might look like the person is lying about his or her injury, when in fact, he or she is seriously hurting. For example, a doctor might indicate that the result of a workplace injury has caused an employee to suffer from mental health issues. The doctor might recommend that the employee makes light exercise a part of their daily routine—even though the employee is claiming benefits for a back injury. If the company were to start pointing fingers without all the facts, the employee would likely face fraud charges. 

A good private investigator will examine the details of the workplace injury case. He or she will set up an investigation that will provide the facts. A private investigator will help you to know whether or not that employee should get back to work. 

Surveillance and Fraud

Fraud and surveillance go hand in hand. How? Well, in order to catch the employee in their lie, you need to prove that he or she is not as injured as they claim. This means someone needs to record the employee engaged in activities that prove they should get back to work. 

For example, let’s say that an employee broke her leg while working with a forklift. The WSIB has accepted the employee’s claim and is providing her with monthly payments until her leg heals. However, the employee’s claim indicates that she will need six to eight months off work. The amount of time off isn’t a problem. The company wants its employees to heal! The thing is, the WSIB has received a complaint about the employee. It seems she isn’t as injured as she claims. 

The company and the WSIB will need to prove that the employee is lying. After all, if the employee is well enough, she needs to get back to work. Accepting the financial benefits from the WSIB would mean that she is engaging in fraudulent activities. In order to prove that the employee is lying, the WSIB would start an investigation. A private investigator can conduct surveillance. This means that the private investigator would follow and watch the employee as she goes about her day. If the private investigator watches the employee remove her cast and drive her car to the gym, it’s fair to say that the complaint to the WSIB was valid. That employee needs to get back to work. 

Get Your Employee Back to Work

If you suspect that your employee is lying about a workplace injury, speak to the WSIB. Together, you can decide to hire a private investigator to look into whether or not your suspicions are true. A private investigator will conduct a thorough investigation, which will include surveillance. This means you must find and work with a private investigator who knows the art of working discreetly and without notice. The private investigator will gather evidence, which could include details that prove the employee is as injured as they claim. However, if the evidence gathered proves the opposite, you then have the right to tell that employee to return to work. 

The good news is, the majority of employees who make a claim through the WSIB aren’t trying to commit fraud. They return to work when they’re genuinely up to the task. It’s the few bad apples who feel that it’s okay to take advantage of the WSIB system who need a good wake up call. Hiring a private investigator, however, will help any company to bust fraud on the job and get that employee back to work sooner rather than later. 

Do you need help dealing with a fraudulent claim? Maybe you need help to get an employee back on the job. We’re here to help! Contact The Smith Investigation Agency today to speak with one of our licensed private investigators.

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