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Hiring A Private Investigator During COVID!

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Hiring A Private Investigator During COVID!

Have you considered hiring a private investigator in Canada and are not sure how it works? During COVID, each province has had its own version of lockdowns and what businesses should remain open or not. We know it can be difficult to know who is operating and how services may look. But the good news is we are here to give you all the information you need as we are an essential service and are still giving clients the results they require for their situation.

Essential Service Provider –

What is an essential service? Outlined by public safety Canada “These services and functions are considered essential to preserving life, health and basic societal functioning. These include, but are not limited to, the functions performed by first responders, health care workers, critical infrastructure workers (e.g., hydro and natural gas), and workers who are essential to supply critical goods such as food and medicines. Workers who deliver essential services and functions should continue to do their jobs provided they have no symptoms of COVID-19 disease. Employers of these workers should take all possible steps to protect their health and safety by implementing practices and procedures recommended by public health authorities and providing appropriate protective equipment and products. Further, workers who can perform their tasks remotely should do so.”

Our team, where applicable, works remotely from home to ensure we go above and beyond to stop the spread of COVID 19.

Surveillance during COVID

The need for surveillance has grown immensely during COVID as businesses and insurance companies are seeing a spike in fraudulent injury claims, as well as businesses have had to protect again theft of time while employees are working from home. Does your business need to follow up on employees? Has their productivity gone down? Surveillance could be the answer that you need to know if your employees are at home working during working hours or out doing other activities.

We have seen a large growth in child custody cases where parents want to ensure their children are safe with their former spouse or partner. Especially if their former partner has dealt with substance abuse problems and the pandemic has seen an increase in substance abuse.

Locate Services during COVID

While in lockdowns and staying at home to remain safe, we have seen many reaching out to find their long-lost loved ones. This could be the perfect time to finally connect with your missing birth parent or finding a relative or friend you haven’t seen in a while. What about collecting money from individuals who have skipped rent or other payment methods etc.? No matter the need for a locate, our team can assist and get you the information you require.

Free Consultations –

If you are considering hiring a private investigator, our head office is located just outside of Toronto, Ontario, in Mississauga. We have offices throughout the GTA to serve you better, as well as Ottawa and Sudbury. Additionally, we operate in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia in all major cities, including Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and Halifax. Call today for a free consultation and to discuss your case with one of our expert Private Investigators.