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How Can Landlords Benefit from Using Private Investigators?

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How Can Landlords Benefit from Using Private Investigators?

Owning a rental property comes with its share of responsibilities, and one of the most crucial aspects is safeguarding your valuable asset. The initial step toward this goal is selecting the right tenant. However, the process is often more intricate than it appears at first glance. While most prospective tenants may seem promising on paper, discerning their true character can be a challenging task.

Thankfully, private investigators (PIs) can play a pivotal role in tenant screening, helping landlords steer clear of undesirable renters. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how landlords can reap numerous benefits by employing private investigators when evaluating potential tenants.

1. Conduct Comprehensive Background Checks

   Private investigators possess the expertise to perform thorough background checks and extensive research on prospective tenants. They delve into various aspects of their history, including:

  • Credit History: PIs scrutinize credit reports, shedding light on financial reliability.
  • Bankruptcies: Uncover any past bankruptcies, offering insights into financial stability.
  • Employment Records: Verify employment history to gauge the tenant’s stability and ability to meet rent obligations.
  • Criminal Records: Identify any prior criminal convictions, helping you steer clear of problematic individuals.

These in-depth background checks serve as a valuable tool for landlords to identify potential red flags and make informed decisions.

2. Perform a Thorough Investigation

   While a standard background check may provide some pertinent information, it doesn’t always reveal the full scope of a tenant’s history. Private investigators go the extra mile to uncover critical details, including:

  • Aliases: Detect any known aliases used by the tenant, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their identity.
  • Sex Offender Registry: Confirm whether the tenant is listed as a sex offender.
  • Medical Issues: Uncover any medical conditions or special needs that might affect their tenancy.
  • Eviction Judgments: Identify any past eviction judgments or disputes with previous landlords, offering valuable insights into potential rental issues.

This exhaustive investigation provides landlords with a comprehensive picture, reducing the risk of encountering fraudulent or problematic tenants that could lead to legal complications.

3. Detect Unauthorized Subletting

Landlords who do not reside on-site often face challenges in identifying unauthorized subletting of their property. While staking out the property might be a time-consuming and inefficient approach, hiring a private investigator is a more effective solution. Private detectives possess the surveillance skills and advanced technology necessary to determine if your property is being sublet without your consent.

4. Identify Drug Use and Criminal Activity

Suspecting dangerous or illicit activities on your property can be deeply concerning. If you have reason to believe that your tenant is involved in drug-related activities, has firearms on the premises, or engages in criminal behaviour, consulting a private investigator is imperative. A PI can gather concrete evidence, ensuring that you are prepared to address the situation effectively. This evidence can serve as crucial support if law enforcement becomes involved or if you need to initiate eviction proceedings.

Don’t find yourself trapped with a problematic tenant you can’t remove from your property. At The Smith Investigation Agency, our private investigators are highly trained professionals specializing in discreet, effective, and customized investigative services for various cases. We collaborate with a diverse range of businesses and individuals involved in renting properties, guaranteeing that your real estate investments remain adequately protected.

As a landlord, prioritizing the thorough screening of potential tenants is a prudent step toward preserving the value and integrity of your rental property. By enlisting the services of a private investigator, you can confidently navigate the tenant selection process, minimize risks, and maintain a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship.

Secure your property and make informed tenant decisions today! Contact us for a free consultation with our expert Private Investigators.

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