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How Law Firms Can Benefit from Private Investigation Services 

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Lawyers can highly benefit from using a private investigation services for their cases. Investigators have a unique set of skills that can assist in locating people and connecting the dots when necessary. If you’re a lawyer and not entirely sure if hiring a private investigator can benefit your law firm, read on as we list some of the ways a PI can help you come out on top.

PI for Law Firm: Witness Location

Often when people believe they are going to get served or are under investigation they go into hiding. They believe if you can’t find them then they won’t have to testify. A private investigator has the skills to locate a witness and bring their location to your attention so you can move the case along.

Private Investigation for Lawyers: Locate Valuable Assets

A PI can also save attorneys a lot of time and effort attempting to locate valuable assets, property, and bank accounts. This also includes hard-to-locate assets like offshore bank accounts, aircrafts, and shipping vessels.

Investigation for Law: Predict Patterns

Private Investigators are trained to predict behaviours and can help you determine what someone’s next move is going to be. This can be very helpful when you are cross-examining witnesses and need information about their history, and tendencies. A PI can also help you identify a person’s patterns and weaknesses, which is helpful during litigation.

PI for Litigation: Uncover the Truth

When working a case, often it is necessary to uncover the people behind corporations, family members tied to assets, corporate history, and money laundering schemes. Private investigation services can dig deep and identify missing information required to uncover the truth.

Litigation Investigations: Recover Important Evidence

Deleted files are not necessarily gone forever. An investigator can help you recover important electronic files that are needed in a case. They can also help you analyze any important files and documents that you need in order to get to the bottom of something.

PI for Legal Services: Prove Counterfeit or Fraud

Counterfeit can often be difficult to prove, especially in relation to trademarks and copyrights. Instead, you could hire an investigator to provide assistance in reviewing products and finding out who has the rightful possession.

There are plenty of ways that law firms can benefit from utilizing private investigation services. If you’re interested in employing valuable PI skills, talk to us at Smith Investigation Agency. We can assist your firm in connecting all the dots that you need to succeed.

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