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How To Hire A Private Investigator In Toronto

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Like with any service you wish to conduct you first seek out the best! Nowadays with our phones, it can help us find the best private investigators in Toronto by simply saying Siri “find a private investigator near me” and voila you have a list to choose from. Now, how do you find who is actually the best Toronto Private Investigator?

Read Reviews

Reviews are important since they explain the service, product and customer experience. However, you want to see a mixture of information given. There are companies who advertise having over 100 reviews, and that is very difficult to come by in our industry. If it looks like it’s fake, it probably is. In this industry, I would say around 10-25 reviews are normal as it is just difficult to get clients to leave a review when the service they inquire about is so private.

Does the Toronto Private Eye Offer The Service You Need?

Often companies will list a long list of services they provide but what are they experts in? For instance, a locate search in Toronto (also known as a skip trace) is a service not everyone can do. Certain systems alone cost thousands of dollars, and that eliminates many companies from being able to successfully conduct these services. Also, make sure it is described and mentioned in reviews and on the website rather than just in one spot. You want to see the success rate as best as possible in that service to make sure you are getting a Toronto investigator who can get you the results that you need.

Talk To The Toronto PI’s

When you call and speak with the investigative team in Toronto, do they seem experienced and have the knowledge in the service you are inquiring about? I have called companies myself having little to no information about a service or product I am searching for and find they do not know what they are talking about. This is a big concern you want to make sure that the persons you speak with have the knowledge in the service they are trying to sell you. Confidence and experience are necessary for the investigative industry. Just having a private investigator license does not mean you have the experience or ability to conduct all types of cases.

Do Your Feel Informed After Talking With The Toronto Private Investigators?

If you decide on the company, you wish to work with did they educate you on all things related to your investigation? Did you sign a contract or at least have some form of agreement that shows you what they agree to complete and the pricing? We have seen so many customers come to us after sending retainers of thousands of dollars only to find out that the company on the other end never did the service and did not send the money. This is part of the necessary due diligence in the industry as not all companies have integrity and want to do good. Some are just greedy and operating out of an old boy’s club mentality and think they are untouchable. Be cautious of these types of companies and always get in writing what services they are providing, the costs, etc. You don’t want to find out you thought the service would cost you one amount to then get a bill at the end with another and your information being withheld until further payment is made.

You’re Ready To Hire A Private Investigator in Toronto Now

Now that you have been informed of things to keep an eye out on you are ready to hire the private investigators in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary, London, Edmonton and Hamilton. Simply contact a company you feel is best and offers the service you are looking for like surveillance for cheating spouses and infidelity, child custody cases, TSCM, WSIB and workplace compensation fraud, legal investigations, business to business investigations. As well as investigative research like Skiptracing, locates, background checks, asset searches, property searches, and more.

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Whitney Joy Smith

Founder of The Smith Investigation Agency in 2014, Whitney Joy Smith’s extensive background as a private investigator is matched only by her passion for the role. A graduate of several respected institutions, including Northwest Florida State College and George Brown College, her early years in life were spent between Canada and the United States. This education, along with her formative years as a private investigator in various agencies, informed much of her knowledge of private investigative laws, regulations, and operating standards in both countries.

The recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades, including the Consumers Choice Award, Best in Ottawa, and many others, Whitney takes pride in working closely with her ever-growing agency to raise the bar, maintain compliance, and meet the investigative needs of clients. Whitney is active in various membership and supporting roles, including the CPIRC, CBN, CAPI, Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and many others. Her experience-driven, thought-provoking articles have been featured in everything from Readers Digest to Business News Daily, and she strives to continually redefine standards for those in the private investigative and security fields. Learn more about Whitney and the team at The Smith Investigation Agency today.

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