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Infidelity and Surveillance in the Modern World

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Infidelity and Surveillance in the Modern World

In the last few years, surveillance tools have started to affect how people behave. All we have to do to pinpoint this shift is to look around. We live in a world where people whip out their phones to capture anything they think might go viral.

You’ve probably heard about or seen the video of Uber’s CEO.

Well, he was recorded arguing with a driver about poor rates and treatment of drivers. That driver then turned that video over to Bloomberg, and it eventually led to the resignation of Uber’s CEO. Whether you side with Uber’s CEO or the driver, however, isn’t the point. The fact here is that people are starting to see that they need to watch what they do or say, not only in a public space but everywhere.

Video surveillance is cheaper than it ever has been before, which is why you might start to find devices in your office, your local café, or even in your own home. Need more proof that more and more people are turning to video equipment for their surveillance needs? According to industry estimates, the global video surveillance market is projected to increase from $14 billion (2013) to $42 billion (2020).

Who Cares! What’s the Big Deal?

When it comes to cheating spouses, they’re now, more than ever, aware that it is much easier to get caught. It forces them to change their behaviour, often making it even more difficult for the average person to prove that they are having an affair.

Sure! You could set up a video camera in every room of your home, but chances are your cheating spouse will spot them. Also, if you wanted to gather evidence to use in court against your unfaithful partner, video evidence recorded against the person’s knowledge is not admissible in court (in many states and provinces).

In this day and age, one of the only ways to catch a cheating spouse is to follow them 24/7—but who has the time for that? You still need to go about your day as if everything is perfectly normal. Otherwise, your partner will alter their behaviour even further.

I think my Spouse is Cheating. What Can I Do?

Many people who suspect that their spouse or partner is cheating have started working with private investigators and private investigations companies. Private investigators are licensed professionals who work with modern surveillance tools and techniques to catch a cheater in the act. Hiring a licensed private investigator also removes you from the equation. You won’t get caught spying on your spouse, but if anything is going on behind your back, you’ll know sooner rather than later.

Attempting to catch a cheating spouse on your own is often fraught with difficulty. We feel it necessary also to point out that if you do something outside the law, your spouse might sue you, or take you to court for breaching his or her privacy. This is not the ideal outcome, especially if they are the ones having an affair!

Private Investigator Surveillance Techniques

A private investigator will use several techniques to catch a cheater in the act. The most common techniques include:

Learn More About the Spouse

Okay. We know that this one doesn’t technically fall under surveillance techniques, but it is a very important step in the investigation process. A private investigator will ask you many questions about your spouse. Things like why you suspect he or she is cheating, where they work, their natural daily routine, and so on. The private investigator will also likely conduct a background check on your spouse. This can reveal details about the individual that you don’t even know.

All of these elements will help the private investigator to shape their plans. A good plan will allow the private investigator to do their job without being seen.

Watch the Spouse

The most common type of surveillance requires a private investigator to watch your spouse from a vehicle. The vehicle is typically parked near your home, unobtrusively, as not to attract attention. A private investigator will sit in the parked car and keep an eye on the spouse’s actions. For example, let’s say that every time the person is alone in the house, the neighbor pops over for several hours; this could be a red flag.

Tailing the Spouse

What happens if your spouse leaves the house? Well, the private investigator would follow him or her in their car or on foot to determine where they are headed. In many cases, the private investigator will also work with a team. The reason for this is in case the private investigator loses sight of your spouse. It also prevents your spouse from seeing the same person repeatedly throughout their day.

Capturing the Spouse’s Actions

As the private investigator works the case, they will provide information to you. This information might be in the form of a report, and if possible, will include photographic or recorded evidence. Quite often, the word of the private investigator is all the proof anyone needs.

Moving Upward and Onward

In a world where people are wising up to the fact that surveillance is becoming commonplace, hiring a private investigator to uncover the truth is the best and safest way to prove your spouse is cheating. Again, a good private investigator will know and work within the law of the province or state you live in. If they (or you) break the law, you might end up with a few bits of evidence, but you can’t use that evidence in any way.

When it comes to hiring a private investigator, it’s true that you will need to invest some money. However, the results will absolutely be worth it: you’ll either walk away with peace of mind, or hard evidence that you can use in court. Both outcomes will help you to move forward in your life and relationship.

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