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Infidelity Investigations

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Infidelity cases are one of the most sensitive types of investigations a private investigator handles. While big corporate cases can be exciting and complex, situations, where one spouse or person in the relationship is stepping out on the other, are always fraught with tension and heightened emotions. These types of cases require a special kind of understanding and sympathy for the client involved.

Is My Spouse Cheating?

In most situations, if a client suspects their spouse or partner is cheating it is because they have experienced or seen a sudden change in behavior. According to PI Now, the top 5 signs that a spouse is cheating include,

  1. Changes in Intimacy
  2. Suspicious Phone Habits
  3. Changes in Appearance
  4. Suspicious Internet Use
  5. Changes in Work Routine


In some cases, the client can learn the truth if they take a direct approach. Asking a spouse or partner questions about their behavior will often result in a confession. If any suspicions remain however, it might be time to hire a private investigator.

Caught in the Act – Infidelity Investigation Techniques

Hiring a private investigator helps to uncover solid, concrete evidence in infidelity cases. That being said, it is important to note that the private investigator is required to act within the boundaries of the law. In some cases, this means that setting up surveillance equipment to record a spouse in the act is illegal.

When it comes to catching a cheater in the act, many private investigators will monitor the spouse. What this means is that the private investigator will follow the suspect to discover their actions.

For example, we recently handled a case where our client suspected that their spouse was having an affair. We set up surveillance and discovered that after our client would leave for work in the morning, the neighbor would sneak over to spend time with the spouse. To prove these neighborly visits were indeed an affair, our client would call home, pretending to have forgotten something. Moments later, the neighbor would exit the house and return after our client had come and gone.

In other situations, a private investigator will put other techniques to use including,

  • Background check
  • Computer Monitoring Software
  • Phone Records
  • Bank Records
  • Credit Card Statements
  • ATM Withdrawals

If you, or someone you know is wondering whether or not your spouse is faithful, it might be time to contact a private investigation firm. The Smith Investigation is a 2017, Consumer Choice award-winning agency that provides investigative services all over Ontario including, Toronto, the GTA, and Ottawa.

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