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Investigating Property History and Property Searches

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Do you need to locate someone using skip tracing and skip tracer techniques? Do you need a background check to confirm the information an individual is telling you? Are you trying to do an asset search or fraud investigation and require further information?

The Smith Investigation Agency can assist in all your private investigator and investigating needs. Our investigative searches are beyond the industry standard. Our private investigators and skip search-skip tracers have a combined experience of more than 30 years. Not only can we complete full asset and fraud investigations, but we can assist in surveillance and undercover investigations. If you are involved in an asset investigation and need to confirm if a certain person owns a home, condo, commercial unit, cottage or camp, or when they purchased their known properties and how much the property was acquired for, etc., our professional investigators can help!

If you need to know if someone owns a property in Ontario, how much they paid for it and when they acquired it, then call us today. We can complete the search within an hour and have your results to you right away. The cost for a province-wide property search is only $50.00 and can be paid using interact online, credit card, or PayPal.

The Smith Investigation Agency has completed over 2,000 property searches for our clients and continues to provide success for customers like yourself. Start with trust with The Smith Investigation Agency!

Skip Tracing & Skip Searching

Do you need to locate an individual for court purposes? Do you have a long lost family member? Our skip tracer(s) can assist in your investigating needs and provide you with the answers you need promptly. Our locate searches, skip tracing, and skip searches are completed with 1-2 business days.

Background Check

The Smith Investigation Agency provides a comprehensive background check with all the information you need for your investigation. Our background screening researchers can provide the answers you are looking for. Our background checks include but are not limited to criminal background searches, investigative reference interviews, witness statements, thorough Internet searches, education verification, employment history verification, media searches, professional credential verification, personal property searches, and identity verification.

Start with Trust: Learn More About the Owner

Whitney Joy Smith founded The Smith Investigation Agency after observing companies operating as if it were still the 1990s, from standard definition cameras to editing video using an old TV and VCR and reporting techniques that did not meet her standards. Whitney wanted to provide a better service, and founded her company with the guiding philosophy of “We Think Differently”.

There is a generational gap in the private investigator industry and Whitney is stepping up to be a grand leader propelling the industry forward; she loves her work and is committed to providing you with results. Whitney works with a spirit of excellence and demands perfection from herself. She is continually setting goals to achieve both personally and professionally while ensuring she always commits 100% when conducting an investigation.

Whitney is from the technical generation and sees the value in having the best final product. This is why she is committed to using the best technologies to provide unmatched quality. Whitney is also known for her private investigator training skills. Having trained over 500 students, Whitney has proved to be an excellent teacher and mentor to those looking to succeed above and beyond a client’s expectations.

If you want to work with a company who will exceed your expectations and not your budget, contact The Smith Investigation Agency! Free consultation for locates, skip tracing, and background checks.

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