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Is “Good”, Good Enough When Hiring A Private Investigator?

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Is “Good”, Good Enough When Hiring A Private Investigator?

I was recently listening to an audio book and the writer was talking about business and success and was giving stories from various companies as well as his own personal experience. One of the things he was talking about is finding a company that has the “wow” feature. In a product he mentioned apple products and the iPhone in its conception was a “wow” product and people became the best sales representatives just talking about it and showing the new product off. He was saying one of the things he most liked watching Steve Jobs talking about his product before he passed was how excited Steve was about his product. He knew what he made and how amazing it was. This made me think. I think in business so many times we think if we make bold statements that we are the best private investigators in Toronto or the best investigative company in Mississauga we will somehow offend the consumer by sharing our level of skill. So, we stick to phrases like “Canada’s leading private investigators” or “the best private investigators in Ontario, Alberta or Nova Scotia”. Before I opened The Smith Investigation Agency I worked as a consultant for 100 companies and although the private investigative industry in Ontario alone has nearly 700 companies most are not in operation or only use it for personal use rather than offering their services to the public. I would say throughout the province of Ontario there are only 50 companies at best that are really truly advertising.

Why say all this?

I am going to take a page out of the authors of the book I am listening to. I worked with all these companies to help make them better. I then realized when companies just reverted back to old ways with technology, process and their product. Many lacked integrity all together. This disturbed me, and I knew then that I could not continue to assist companies who were supposed to defeat fraud commit fraud themselves. The Smith Investigation Agency was opened to service the public and provide the results people needed with integrity and excellence held in high regard. I knew then my skill and know now my skill and there are just people who excel, and I was one of them in this industry. I was and am a natural born investigator. Now I am not saying I am the only amazing PI in Toronto, Brampton, Oshawa or Ottawa. I have several friends in the industry in Hamilton, London, North Bay, Barrie and Edmonton who are great investigators and uphold very high standards like myself and my team throughout Canada.

What makes a great product or service?

As we are a service-based industry we will stick to this primarily. Even as a consumer when I am looking at other services offered by other companies I want to see the process and how they bring the service to life and exceed my expectations. Like a carpenter who shares a vision then builds your dream. This is how I like to see a service. It is similar to the investigative services we have in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax. We cover the major cities in Canada and work with a process, passion and the right people. One thing I would say every person needs in their industry is to have passion for it. That to me is first and foremost and when we hire investigators this is one of the major things I am searching for is someone who in their core desires to not only get this industry but excel at it. That burning to just do better and be better and that every file can have the best results if you just put your heart and skill to work. This is what I am saying people can lack. Again, it doesn’t mean they are not good. But is good-good enough? I would say no. Go for excellent. Go for the best. Go for amazing. Go for the company who will exceed your expectations. Go for The Smith Investigation Agency. I can boldly and confidently stand and say I know my level of skill and I know my level of excitement, passion and expertise. I say this for my team as well. I wouldn’t work with investigators who did not share this same level of passion and greatness.

Love the process!

If you love what you do no matter what industry you work in or what product you make it will be great because when you love something you treat it well and you foster its continued growth because it makes you happy. It is similar to the process of surveillance, investigative research like Skiptracing and background checks and even TSCM services. I have been doing surveillance related work for nearly 16 years and I still get excited when I go on the road to help my team or to take on the overflow. The process for me is still exciting from just preparing equipment and myself for the day ahead. Learning the file and the subject and planning for all possible scenarios. Then the anticipation as I wait in my surveillance vehicle for that movement from the subject camera ready and mentally prepared for as many scenarios as possible. The thrill of chasing and remaining discrete using all your senses. Its thrilling. Then the continued process in editing your video and putting a movie like quality together for a client to then give them a highly comprehensive report with their evidence to then hear how it is exceeding the expectations not only of their team or representative but also the courts or mediators. The entire process for us is not only exciting but rewarding and something we continue to do with excellence.

So again, is “good”, good enough?

I would say no and to anything whether it’s a service or product. Always seek out the best. Seek out passionate people. Seek out amazing. Seek out the best of the best of the best. Why would you want to work with anyone less especially when hiring a private investigator in Toronto, Ottawa, Scarborough, Niagara, Cambridge – Kitchener, Sudbury, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Halifax and Dartmouth.

If you are searching for a private investigator in any of the mentioned areas or have an inquiry from one not mentioned contact our team for a free consultation and allow us to show you the process of greatness from start to finish Start with Trust with The Smith Investigation Agency. We complete services for small and medium buisness to large corporations. We work with lawyers throughut Canada and internationally as well as the general public. We specalize in Surveillance for fraud, employees, WSIB, adultery and child custody situations. As well as investigative research such as skip tracing, locate someone, background checks and asset searchs. We also offer TSCM services for corporations as well as the public. We are a nationally known award-winning private investigative agency operating in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario with excellence.

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