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Latest Techniques Used to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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Catching a cheating spouse in the act is a heck of a lot easier in this day and age. With so many different technologies and devices, there is a lot of room for a private investigator to uncover the truth about what a spouse has been up to during the day (or night).

While there are too many techniques to mention in this post, we thought we would cover the most common. These techniques include:


There are thousands of different types of software out on the market that private investigators can use to catch a cheating spouse. This software is quite simple to install on a computer, laptop or other device that the spouse uses often. Once installed, the software will track different activities that the spouse does on that device. It will also track the length of time the spouse spends on a particular activity.

Other software includes GPS tracking devices that can be installed on a vehicle, or phone. There are even apps on the market, specifically designed to record activity history, or even remote camera access that can help a private investigator catch a cheater in the act.

While software might seem like an easy solution to a challenging problem, private investigators need to know the law when it comes to this kind of technology. There are different privacy laws in different countries, provinces and in some cases cities. If you hire a private investigator that does not abide by these laws, any of the evidence they find will not hold up in court. You could be the one who ends up in trouble instead!

Social Media

A private investigator will often use social media as the first tool in their investigation. The reason for this is because quite often, the cheating spouse will change their profiles, and start commenting more on a particular person’s profile. In many cases, setting up a fake profile can also help to catch a spouse’s hidden motives.

Again, with social media, there are certain things that a private investigator cannot do to gather evidence. Hacking into an account is illegal, and breeches all kinds of privacy laws. Even if hacking into an account get the proof you’re looking for, a good private investigator will not do it for you.


Sometimes a private eye doesn’t even need to monitor the subject very closely. Friends, neighbors, acquaintances often reveal plenty of information about a cheating spouse. Conducting interviews or even just asking carefully crafted questions can provide a lot of information without having to wait a week or two for collected software data.

Of course, a private investigator is trained in the proper interview techniques, which is why you should leave the questioning to them. The last thing you want to do is end up accusing a friend of something they would never do.

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