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Locate Someone You Need To Find With Nova Scotia Private Investigators!

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At the Smith Investigation Agency, we deal with thousands of skiptrace files. The need to locate someone is becoming higher and higher, and the reasons vary. You may need to locate or find someone like a long-lost family member, find someone for a legal or court matter, etc. Do you have little to no information for the person, so you wonder how to find someone with limited knowledge? That is why you call the professionals! We complete individual locates in some cases with just a first and last name throughout Canada.

How does it work to find people?

As private investigators in Nova Scotia, we have the expertise to find a person using the resources available only to private investigators for people searches. Have you tried to find people using various online methods like a phone search, a person lookup, find an address of a person and not had any luck? That may be because the person does not want to be found or your resources are limited. With hiring a private investigator, you rely on our skills, and resources to complete the investigative work.

Examples of skiptracing and how it helped clients:

A client hired us to find address by name of the subject, so a process server could serve them. This client had hired the individual to fix their roof and some other construction-related repairs to their home. The contractor took a retainer and promised to come back to work on the repairs. However, he never came back and would not answer his phone. The clients only had his phone number, and his first and last name. The business name turned out to not be registered so they could not go after the business that he said he owned. So, they contacted us, and we were able to track down the individual, so the client could pursue legal action. In this case, they were able to after some time get their money back and then hire a proper contractor. So even though they had limited information and had exhausted all efforts on their own our team of professional private investigators in Nova Scotia were able to assist in this matter.

Another situation was locating a missing family member. The client had been looking for his birth mother for years and had minimal information, so he had pretty much given up on his search before he contacted us. We had discussed the information with our team that he did have and what work he had done until that point to try and locate his mother. Using not only investigative skill but also resources available to us we were able to locate his birth mother after a few weeks. It was not an easy case however it turned out great and turned out she had also been searching for him all as well. Not all situations turn out like this. Unfortunately, some cases the parents or family member is deceased or does not want to be contacted, but we love it when they do work out.

Skip tracing for legal matters!

We often work with lawyers for a variety of locate – skip trace reasons. The lawyer may need to locate a witness for a case, locate a missing heir or beneficiary for a will or estate, locate persons of interest for a case, and many more. As private investigators in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we can assist in all types of investigative services. We are also located in Alberta, and Ontario in major cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Mississauga, and Ottawa.

If you are searching for an individual and have tried to locate them with no success, please call or email our team and we can have a professional private investigator discuss your case and give you a plan of action as well as pricing. We have a fixed rate for investigative research such as skip search and locate files with no surprises with our pricing. You can email or call toll free (888) 950-4113.

About the Author

Whitney Joy Smith

Founder of The Smith Investigation Agency in 2014, Whitney Joy Smith’s extensive background as a private investigator is matched only by her passion for the role. A graduate of several respected institutions, including Northwest Florida State College and George Brown College, her early years in life were spent between Canada and the United States. This education, along with her formative years as a private investigator in various agencies, informed much of her knowledge of private investigative laws, regulations, and operating standards in both countries.

The recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades, including the Consumers Choice Award, Best in Ottawa, and many others, Whitney takes pride in working closely with her ever-growing agency to raise the bar, maintain compliance, and meet the investigative needs of clients. Whitney is active in various membership and supporting roles, including the CPIRC, CBN, CAPI, Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and many others. Her experience-driven, thought-provoking articles have been featured in everything from Readers Digest to Business News Daily, and she strives to continually redefine standards for those in the private investigative and security fields. Learn more about Whitney and the team at The Smith Investigation Agency today.

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