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Monitor Remote Employees with Surveillance

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Monitor Remote Employees with Surveillance

Life after the pandemic has many employees still working remotely. Many companies have chosen to continue this arrangement as it improves workflow, saves money, and generally leads to better productivity. However, as we move further into this new work-from-home era, some employees have become complacent, taking advantage of the remote work lifestyle. This is where hiring a private investigator can help by monitoring them with surveillance.

What is Surveillance?

Surveillance involves monitoring the behaviour of individuals or groups for various reasons. For instance, employers might need to monitor employees who claim to be injured to ensure they aren’t abusing benefits. Surveillance can also be used to catch individuals stealing from a workplace. The key to effective surveillance is that the subject should not know they are being watched, as this could alter their behaviour.

Why You Need Surveillance

As an employer, maintaining productivity is crucial. With summer approaching, you need to ensure remote staff aren’t pretending to work while enjoying unapproved vacations or excessively using wellness days. Surveillance can help verify that employees are genuinely working and not engaging in unauthorized activities.

When Online Methods Don’t Work

Some employees may abuse the freedom of remote work, working second jobs during office hours or leaving work early for unapproved activities. Surveillance can help identify such behaviour, allowing you to protect your company and its interests.

Surveillance & Private Investigators

Effective surveillance requires professional skills. Hiring a licensed private investigator ensures the surveillance operation is conducted discreetly and effectively. Private investigators are trained to gather evidence and uncover the truth without being detected.

PI Surveillance Methods

Private investigators have several methods to monitor employees:

1. Monitor from a Parked Vehicle: This method allows a private investigator to observe whether an employee is staying at home during work hours or leaving for unapproved activities.

2. Follow on Foot at a Discreet Distance: If an employee leaves their home on foot, a private investigator can follow them discreetly to determine their activities during work hours.

3. Social Media Surveillance: Modern private investigators can gather information by going undercover online, monitoring social media accounts, and observing online activities to ensure employees are not misusing work time.

The Need for Surveillance

If you’ve noticed a drop in productivity and suspect it’s not due to external factors like the economy or competition, it may be time to investigate your employees’ commitment. Conducting surveillance can be a small investment to identify and address issues, ensuring your team remains productive and focused.


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